Are you ready for Google’s mobile friendly search result update

As was widely reported a few weeks ago, Google will factor ‘mobile-friendliness’ as a ranking signal. What does this mean for you as a website owner? You will quite likely begin to see a dramatic fall in the rankings you’ve been building up until now.

For website owners who have Webmaster Tools set up on their website, automated e-mails are currently striking fear into them. The emails state explicitly that your website is soon to be ‘ranked appropriately’ due to ‘usability issues’. The usability issue specifically being that the website is not optimised for mobile devices.


There is a quick way to test your website to see how you shape up ahead of April 21st. Google has a Mobile-Friendly test where you can go and place in your URL. If your website is considered friendly, congratulations!



The simple answer is that if you want to rank well across all screen sizes, you are left with the option of undertaking a rebuild of your website to have a responsive layout. While you may not have time to get ready for April 21st, you can at least plan to prepare to reconsider.


Visit for updating your site to a mobile friendly one.

Siddharth Jeevagan
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Siddharth Jeevagan
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