Wall clocks are usually meant to tell you the time or be a piece of unique art on your walls. But with Glance Clock there’s more interesting aspects to a wall clock. Glance Clock is a minimalist time piece which not only displays time but also displays information from all your wearables, smart home devices, third party applications and many more.

Glance Tech Pte Ltd is the company behind this amazing piece of innovation and the founder and CEO of the company Anton Zriashchev came up with this idea after being inspired by the book Enchanted Objects by David Rose. Glance Clock is based out in Singapore and their crowd funding began in the month of September 2016. Smart phones have existed for the past so many years and the time has come for smart clocks on your walls. With Glance Clock you get to organize your busy days which would thus allow you to focus on what’s important.


According to Anton Zriashchev, “Glance Clock is a smart wall clock that talks to the cloud and displays information from fitness trackers, smart home devices, and web services right at the moment user needs it. Sitting on an office wall Glance Clock will show a breakdown of a day through integration with Google calendar. At home, it alerts an important incoming call or notifies when your UBER has arrived.”

Glance Clock as such has no direct competition but there are other companies which have come up with an idea such as to move information from a phone to another physical object. Lametric and DOTTI are the two products who are based on a similar idea such as the Glance Clock, however Glance Clock is much more advanced than the two and have much more in depth options.

Glance Clock’s objective was to bring more value to an already existing object such as a wall clock. The biggest challenge while developing the Glance Clock was the glanceable interface that had to done. Glanceable means that you can read and understand information quickly at a glance without being disrupted from current tasks. The most popular use case is a calendar integration to display meetings and appointments. Next the weather integration followed by reminders and fitness data after that.

The pre-order price will be $149 and for those who are in constant touch with the company and have been giving regular feedbacks, the price for them would be $99.

To know more about Glance Clock, visit them on glanceclock.com

Have you ever wished for something that would help you cook delicious food within the budget and also take care of your diet plan while you are sweating it out to lose those love handles? That may sound too good to be true. But Rich Thomas LLC, a US- based company that offers tools and solutions for healthy, customized meals has come up with eGrocer, an app that gives you recommended recipes and also lets you create custom meal plans based on your personal preferences, fitness, nutrition, budget & pantry.

Launched on Android and iOS platforms on April 14th and April 24th respectively, eGrocer covers all the features that a normal food app does and in addition to that, it provides ideas that would suit your lifestyle. With people being short on time due to hectic work schedule, the app does the job of giving people the ability to create and implement a meal plan quickly and within their budget. This will eventually help everyone save money at the grocery and send less food to landfills.


“The toughest challenge was the integration of recipes diversified in terms of calories and nutrition”, says Richard Messier, the founder of Rich Thomas LLC. He also adds, “We are now actually opening up more jobs for people who love cooking, are chefs or home chefs, to take up this task. This will be a sort of data entry type work but with competitive pay and growth opportunities.”

Further up, they plan on including an integrated food ordering system that would link local producers with consumers, resulting in the further trimming of food waste. App users would enjoy all the advantages of farm-fresh foods, while also benefiting from convenient ordering and delivery.

The app is looking at people who would want to learn healthy and simple recipes, maintain a proper dietary schedule to keep fit, and the millennial mothers.

For more information, visit: http://www.egrocer.us/

Android users, check this out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.egrocer

For the iPhone users, click: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/egrocer/id978309810

We browse the internet and come across interesting websites. Generally, we tend to bookmark them so that we will be able to visit the website anytime we want. But, accessing those bookmarks really become a mess when you have too many of them unorganized. Dreamlabs, a Malta- based web design and mobile application development company has come up with Buttons, a web-based application that would help you save these bookmarks as webmarks and easily locate them for the website you want to visit. What’s more, it also has options that would help you share those webmarks easily with your friends.

You can benefit a lot from using Buttons app as you can create categories and place your webmarks under the suitable category, making it look organized. It would also help you reduce the hassle of searching a particular bookmark from an unorganized bookmark section of your browser. The app also features a search function that would help you find the desired webmark. In addition to this, with Buttons, you can share any saved webmark with a few clicks and collaborate with others on a group of shared bookmarks with ease.

The web browsers are their prime competitors as people tend to save their bookmarks in that. By providing users option of organizing their webmarks, they hold an edge over those web browsers. The users can also make sure that the webmarks are shared with only a closed group of selected friends and colleagues and not to the public view.


Arnold Farrugia, one of the founders of the app tells that the code while designing the app was written in such a way that it would streamline the performance of the application, even for limited internet connections and on mobile devices. With no prior experience to rely on, he tells that it was a huge challenge to come up with an app that would have a clean interface and work on all devices.

They now plan on developing the app that would focus towards the educational sector, for lecturers and students at college and university level. They are currently relying on users to buy the premium plan that would help them continue working on improving their services.

The app intends to target those who save a lot of bookmarks of websites they like and also want them to be organized. The sharing and collaboration features in the app are ideal for teachers, students, business users and anyone conducting online research within a group.

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The free version of the app is also available with limited features.

For more information, visit the website: https://www.yourbuttons.com/

There have been filters for Air, Water, Vehicles and what not. With the invention of Ullo now you have a filter for your wine as well. Yes, you heard that right, a filter just for all you wine lovers out there. Ullo is a wine purifier that removes sulfites from wine, thus making sure that the wine restores its original taste. Ullo was developed mainly for those of them who are health conscious and for people who prefer their wines to be chemical free.

James Kornacki came up with the idea of Ullo and he believes that there are many people out there who are allergic to sulfites just like him and hence he came up with the Selective Sulfite Capture™ which would help in removing the chemicals from the wine. Ullo is based in the United States of America and was founded in July 2016.


James Kornacki had the following to say. “Üllo is giving wine lovers the option to filter sulfites from wine. Sulfites are an artificial preservative added to wine to keep it protected against oxidation and bacterial spoilage—an absolute necessity in winemaking. However, like all preservatives, sulfites are toxic. Since their role as a preservative is over once you open a bottle of wine, there’s no reason you should have to drink them at all. Sulfites also have bitter taste that tends to mask the natural flavors and aromas of wine. We teamed up with MNML to design a simple yet elegant product that celebrates the rituals of drinking wine. Üllo’s design features a patent pending adjustable wine aerator that mimics the way wine is naturally aerated in the glass, through swirling. We also designed a custom carafe and decanter to further elevate the experience of drinking wine with Üllo.”

Ullo has such do not have any competitors because Ullo is the only one right now who is working on the concept of removing sulfites from wines. Ullo is competing with the idea that chemicals are regularly okay to ingest. Üllo uses a patent-pending polymer to selectively remove sulfites, while allowing compounds in wine to flow through unaffected. The most difficult challenge for James was that he had come up with the idea of Ullo when he was completing his doctorate. This meant that James had to go off track and dedicate a lot of time to Ullo apart from focusing on his academics.

Although Ullo is based in the United States of America, they have received a lot of interest internationally as well. Regions like Europe, South Africa, Africa and New Zealand have all shown interest in Ullo and James believes at some point he can make this service available to everyone across the world. Ullo is a funded venture which is backed by over 2,000 people.

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For more details regarding Ullo, you can visit https://ullowine.com/



Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets have been the talk of the town recently with consumers buying them to enjoy the immersive experience. But what if those experiences get tied down by those wired headsets? Well, literally speaking, the usage of wired headsets for the audio input to get better audio clarity has marred the consumers from completely enjoying the VR experience. Opto Products, a UK-based startup that deals with IoT, 360 Imaging and Drones have come up with OptoVR. It is a VR Headset that has its own built-in audio system that eliminates the hassle of using wired earphones. No strings attached!

Launched in March 2016 on Kickstarter, OptoVR uses Biconvex 44mm optics and has a 100-degree FOV that gives you greater clarity, a wider field of view and makes you feel more immersed. It is made from very strong lightweight foam that reduces the load on the neck. The on-ear headphones have 40mm 32ohm speakers that provide great sound. The magnetic front cover allows you to quickly remove and re-attach your phone letting you use your phone and then return to your VR experience. It can easily accommodate any smartphone that has a standard size between 4-5.5 inches.



Richard, co-founder of OptoVR tells that they originally wanted to create a lightweight, strong and low-cost VR Headset that didn’t require external headphones. He says, “After many months of prototyping and testing in public spaces we had successfully developed a working prototype that met our requirements. Then suddenly we realised we had created the world’s first portable VR headset with integrated sound and that anyone who was getting into VR would want one!”

Even though the startup faces tough competition from various companies, most notably Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View, its features at an affordable price range keeps it ahead in the race.

The major hurdle the startup faced was to find the right foam technology that would help keep the weight of the device down. It is now looking forward to expanding the functionality of the device by working on a range of accessories and develop devices for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. They look to target people who are casual VR users and the ones who desire the balance of technology and affordability.

For more information, check out the website: https://optovr.com/

We, as Human beings can be quite forgetful at times. This can be problematic sometimes, especially if you are a movie buff. That plan of watching a movie on the first day of its release would go up in smoke if you are not timely reminded of its show time. Wondering who would be the one to alert you? Or rather what? Well, AlertFilm is a perfect app for those who want to be constantly updated about the availability of movies as well as TV shows. It reduces the hassle of going through multiple sources to get information about the latest movies and TV shows that would release in mediums such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

In the AlertFilm app, you can find, discover and share the shows and movies you love. You can set alert for the movies and receive notification whenever they become available. All your favourite movies and TV shows can be classified under the watchlist so that when they get released, you will be 2 taps away from watching it. The content available is worldwide that is curated and made suitable to different platforms the users have access to.

AlertFilm 1

Being an avid movie and TV show lover, Benjamin, one of the founders of the app tells that they spent too much time finding out movies to watch, and when they found what to watch, they didn’t know where to watch it. Hence, to counter this situation, they decided to come up with the app which would give all the details a movie and a TV show lover would want.

The app faces a stiff competition from TVShow Time that helps users create TV show calendar by selecting their favorite shows. But the AlertFilm app scores over them by integrating the movie schedules along with the TV shows. It combines every Video on Demand (VOD) service that you have access to in just one app, making it more versatile than the competitor.

One of the major hurdles the app faced was to establish itself in Ignite startup accelerator program in London, thereby helping them achieve a better understanding of how the market functions. The app now plans on becoming the world’s leading streaming entertainment guide by providing its services to every country. They are looking for funds so that they can plan on establishing commercial partnerships and provide exclusive offers and content to magazines, sell tickets for the movies, and provide subscriptions to new services.

The app looks to target avid movie and TV show lovers and can be found in the App Store.

To know more, visit: http://get.alertfilm.com/

The app can be found here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-store/id1082382753?mt=8

“Poetry can be dangerous, especially beautiful poetry, because it gives the illusion of having had the experience without actually going through it.” ― Rumi
Poetry is one of the best forms to express meaning and heart felt emotions through words, words that could touch the deepest of hearts, souls and minds. People always write poems but most keep it to themselves while few manage to share it with the world. With the help of Poetree, one can now compete against many others poetry lovers by writing poems that can be appreciated by many others across the world.

Nate Mega, Founder & CEO of Karma App Studio Inc. is the brainchild behind the inception of Poetree and according to him Poetree is an innovative, fun and creative social poetry competition app. Poetree is also the first and only app of its kind. Users can write your best, most inspired poem in 500 characters or less and share your Poetree on all major social media networks via the multi-share button. Users can also submit your Poetree to the Global Community for review. Read and rate some of your fellow Poetree users’ poems; rate them on a scale of 1-5 hearts. Climb the global leaderboard! The more hears you receive, the higher you climb. Poetree started in the early days of September 2016 and is based in the United States of America.


Nate wanted to provide a platform for all his fellow poetry lovers where he felt people could express their emotions through words in the form of poetry. Nate wanted to go a step further to makes this app a really unique one and thus came up with the idea of a competitive based platform where users would compete amongst others to see who’s poems were appreciated the most. The idea of Poetree came about when Nate was expressing his emotions to his girlfriend through words in the form of poetry. His girlfriend appreciated and loved each one of the poem and kept them all for safekeeping and eventually this lead to them getting engaged. This is what made Nate believe that poems could mean a lot and it would be great if he could get others to contribute to the art of poetry.

Deep down, Nate believes everyone is a poet at heart. Poetree does not have any competitors so far and is the first and only social poetry competition app. Poetree is self-funded as they are making enough money on their own. Poetree is available on both iOS and android platforms for a $2.99 flat-rate download and $0.99 for a limited time for *launch sale*. Nate’s only wish is to get millions of people get influenced by words and get them to love the ancient art of poetry.


For more information regarding Poetree, do visit www.gopoetree.com



Are you having a speaker that looks out of place on your decorated furniture or on your customized walls? Have you ever thought of how that could be magically transformed so that it would complement your favourite furniture? Imagine having to get your own customizable speakers with colours and designs of your taste. This option is provided by Nepsu, a Canada-based startup company.

Nepsu brings to the table a fully customizable speaker in the shape of a triangle, aptly named as ‘The Nepsu Triangle’. These triangular speakers can be made according to the user’s liking and can easily blend into any decor. They have interchangeable parts made of high-quality sustainable materials that are available in a variety of colours. This would further aid the users to completely express their individuality and creativity in bringing out the perfect looking speakers. To change its appearance easily, each colorful aluminium plate and acoustic tissue are magnetized. Also, the power cable is available in different colors for an easier integration. It is also versatile because it can be placed on a table, hung on a wall or even be inserted in a room’s often empty and unused corner.


While successful, they face major competition from companies like Bose and Sonos that provide smart speakers and superior sound clarity. What sets Nepsu apart from these companies is that along with the features provided by these companies, it also provides complete customization of their product designs for the users.

The Triangle features the latest Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA and aptX technology, and also has a standard 3.5mm audio jack for Aux input. The audio quality has been optimized with the help of audio experts and is made of the best components that would provide long-term clear and pleasant listening experience without causing ear fatigue.

In the Indiegogo campaign, the company plans on displaying their accessories and provide complementary products to provide a better experience for Triangle’s users and plan on releasing a second speaker once The Triangle becomes popular. They also plan on developing and releasing other products such as smart light bulbs and home sensors that would monitor the environment.

The company looks to attract customers who are more into house decor along with the ones who are music buffs.

To know more, visit their website: http://www.nepsu.com/

Technology is ever advancing in today’s world and there does not seem to be an end to it. Virtual Reality is slowly taking over the lives of many people, it is available in so many different sectors and one can now eve use a virtual reality device in their homes. GoInStore is a technology product that deals with Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Drone Technology and also 360 imaging and it is as unique as it could possibly be.  GoInStore was founded by André Hordagoda and Aman Khurana, the business was started in July 2014 and the product however was launched in August 2015.

According to André Hordagoda and Aman Khurana, GoInStore is an award-winning pioneer of a first-person, “in-store” shopping experience for online customers. Visitors to retail websites can now video-call the store via a one-way live video/two-way live audio stream and chat with a knowledgeable in-store salesperson, who are equipped with smart glasses and able to guide the customer in “first person” viewpoint through the store and explore products. GoInStore helps retailers to maximise sales conversions, brand engagement and customer service.

The main idea behind this product was to introduce a real human being with real product knowledge into the online channel to really engage with website customers. Upon realising the limitations of Google Glass, GoInStore chose to partner with Epson, the world’s largest supplier of printers and imaging products, which had recently developed a less hyped but far more effective set of headwear/glasses as part of a diversification drive to combat falling demand for devices that print receipts. GoInStore also has an unique algorithm which helps the buyer to find the product that they are looking for and also let tell them if the store has the product in stock or not and if the product is not in stock then the GoInStore option disappears.

(c) GoInStore

(c) GoInStore

André Hordagoda and Aman Khurana tell us that their USP is in utilising the physical store infrastructure that their clients have as well as their already well-trained sales people. GoInStore on the outset has charged every single customer or client which is found to be rather unusual when it comes to a disruptive start-up.  GoInStore is funded and they work on a SaaS-based model which is a one-off set-up fee combined with a fixed monthly fee, based on the number of users the client has. Users here refer to the amount of staff that can be logged in and available to receive a GoInStore call at any one time.

To know more about GoInStore, visit http://www.goinstore.com/


Living far away from your home and yearning for those delicious eateries that were prepared in your house? Bored of eating the same food delivered to your workplace every single day? Then it’s time to take out your smartphones and download Dabbagul app from the Google Play Store!

Started in February 2016 by Jayashree Patil and two other co- founders, Dabbagul specializes in providing home- made food (dabbas) on a subscription basis. This idea came into being when they realized that the food served by the suppliers were either too expensive or did not offer good quality assurance. They then decided to provide food to subscribers at an affordable price without compromising on taste and hygiene.

One of the major hurdles they faced was when they took nearly four months to register their company despite having hired a consultant for the job. In spite of all the hindrances, the app developed is user-friendly that helps in managing a subscriber’s daily orders and subscriptions.


Currently, they have launched full-scale operations in certain pockets of areas in Gurgaon like Cyber city, M G Road, Udyog Vihar, Golf Course road and South City. They plan on expanding the business by providing their services to entire Gurgaon.

From Corporate executives to families to College goers, the startup looks to provide quality food to a wide range of audience.

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To know more, click on http://www.dabbagul.com/


download the app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dabbagul

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