With the gradual rise in health conscious individuals, the fitness market is currently seeing a rise in the number of gadget makers both corporations and independent trying their bit to capture a significant portion of the market.

California based Opter, run by Chalisa Prarasri, who was previously a researcher in the W. M. Keck Center for Neurophysics and the Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research.

Opter’s current offering ‘Pose’ is a unisex designer necklace that helps you with your posture. It’s also an activity tracker, UV sensor, and light sensor. Opter actually started with drones and produced pivots until they transitioned into the production of the ‘pose’ product.

‘Pose’ is unique because it notifies you of the correct posture helpful when you have back pain, detects harmful UV rays. Because of its success, Lumo Lift is its main competitor in the design of the product to improve posture. Opter Pose is completely waterproof; it is smaller than a military RFID-tag and almost as thin as an iPhone 6S. Part of the necklace is made from real walnut wood to reduce plastic use.


After facing many challenges in design and production, they’ve made the initial version of the product that is ready for production. CEO Chalisa Prarasri says, “We had intended to start with Opter Sleep, the sleep tracker, because it is the Opter Pose but bigger. So we launched it on Kickstarter. Then we realized that people are much more interested in the Opter Pose and had to cancel our campaign so as not to waste time working on a product that wasn’t our most popular”.

Opter Pose will be launched in late 2016 in California.

Opter Pose App (Poor Posture)

Once they’ve gauged Opter poses’ success they can focus on building Opter sleep or sip as their next projects on the agenda. They are looking to build an ecosystem of trackers to get people to live a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways these products can make people healthier and happier.

They are planning to commercially produce this product, once they are funded by backers, as they need support to expand sales and production.

Opter Pose is geared towards older millennials, especially those with office jobs or sitting jobs, where exercise is either at a premium or is a continuing cycle of production.

For more information on this product, visit the website: http://opterlife.com for more information.

With the fast-evolving digital world, we get to see new technological innovations each day. Marketing – digital marketing in particular – plays a crucial role in spreading awareness about your products. Public Relations is a rapidly developing facet of the marketing mix. Though it hasn’t been very popular compared to other marketing techniques, but it has started gaining immense popularity in recent times.
Due to its unconventional nature, marketing your consumer electronics through public relations holds great promises within. The process includes spreading awareness about your ideas or products, among the potential customer base, through a third-party user. Some of these third party promoters are;
News and Papers: News and papers provide us with great opportunities to spread words about our products. It is a common sight on TV where two newscasters hold a product and discuss its benefits. Moreover, newsrooms also invite spokespersons to further highlight the details about the product, to the viewers.


Trendsetters: Seeking help from trendsetters is one of the many PR ways, using which you can promote your consumer electronics. You can ask a celebrity to use your products. You will be able to find many customers from his followers. Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are few of the many social media sites where your products can be promoted.

Industry Analysts: You can hire an industry analyst as well to promote your products through public relations. For instance, Youtube review videos are very common these days. There are multiple Youtube channels which discuss pros and cons of new innovations and products.
Advantages of Public Relations in Marketing Consumer Electronics
It offers a lot of benefits when you spread awareness about your products through public relations.
Builds Credibility
Since it doesn’t include regular marketing stunts, it helps you build credibility among your customers. You’re are likely to develop a large, loyal customer base which will stick with your products for longer periods of time.
Unlike ordinary marketing, you don’t need to input a lot of resources when you promote consumer electronics using public relations. You’re are targeting a specific customer base with the help of third-party users.
Less Expensive
Though it is not absolutely free, it is not very expensive either. It is very affordable compared to other conventional marketing techniques. If you’re a small or medium sized enterprise, with limited resources, then you should latch on the PR avenues for your product marketing.
More Chances of finding Business Partners and Funding
When you promote your products through PR, your business appears to be a developed one, thus gathering interest from many big investors and enterprises, in the market. With the right tools, you can expand your consumer electronics market to a great extent.
There is no denying the fact that consumer electronics PR is precise, reliable, and affordable but it is not for free, as considered by many. Moreover, it is not a very fast way of promoting business compared to other sorts of marketing techniques. It demands a lot of time and patience to produce results.

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If you are looking to rescue your long-lost analog photos in your shoebox or if you just want to free up space in that cluttered attic, you should go into the app store and pick up Unfade app into your app collection!

Christoph Wagner built his app Unfade from the bottom up. Unfade, a German company which was launched on May 24th, 2016, specializes in digitizing old photos and improving their overall visual quality. The idea of this start-up originated from Wagner’s deep expertise in computer vision.


This allowed Wagner to create the first computer vision space app, Scanbot, which currently has over 4 million downloads worldwide. As Wagner transitioned into founding his own app, he encountered many unique challenges.

One of the biggest hurdles was that the App Store was not designed for “fix early and often” development, which refers to the inability of the App Store to properly displays fixes immediately; it, on average, took a day for fixes to take effect.

However, despite these early problems, the app is easy to use, and it is well priced compared to other apps. Interestingly, the app, which is currently funded, integrates the written code in Swift, except for code in the edge detection, which is integrated in Objective C to work with OpenCV.

While very successful, Unfade faces competition from Photomyne, another app that improves the quality of old analog photos. As user continue to update their mobile devices and computers, the demand of applications to be able to update old analog photos on older devices, 2000’s or older, will continue to grow. As Unfade grows, there will be more users and more startups will start to sprout.

This all comes from the vision of Christoph Wagner, who realized the dream and made it reality. The continuing vision and growth for Unfade is rapid iteration based on user feedback and adding additional functionality. In addition, there are future plans for a paid app, even though there might be pushback with users not wanting to pay money, but the benefits of the Unfade App will push consumers to invest money into the app.

Unfade is a launching pad into future endeavors and you should get in hands on it.

You can see Wagner’s vision here: www.unfade.io or

download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1096568238

Friends gather. Conversations flow. The food is eaten. Someone squeals “selfie!” All of you gather. The ensuing ruckus is one that involves various camera positions to capture the perfect group selfie, only to find that you look like a dying walrus in all the photos and best friend’s face has been cut in half in all the photos.

Say goodbye to bulky selfie sticks, come May 2016. The flying camera is here. Yes, that’s right, a flying camera that is going to re-vision photography and defense while opening up a realm of exciting possibilities.

Snitch is a reinvented, safe, and easy-to- use flying camera. It provides you the most intuitive way to take natural photos out on occasions. No more “Could you please take a picture of us?”


Snitch’s unique angle ensures that you take pictures and videos freely from the air. The main goal of Snitch is to free photography-lovers from routine, leaving only free and pleasant feelings in the pictures and video. Stream emotions you are feeling right now to your parents, friends and the rest of the World. It is also compatible with Periscope. Snitch takes shot automatically when it sees you in the frame.”3! 2! 1! Cheeeese!” – a voice announcement helps you to get ready. The world’s first flying camera ball can hover in the air for 10 minutes at a time and take amazing 360° panoramic photos and videos sans hands. How does it work? Simply throw it up in the air and choose your favorite view via your smartphone, or let Snitch choose the best vantage with automatic face detection — the rest is history.

Snitch uses two propellers to pass air through itself. This creates a lift force. This is designed to hold one position very steadily, similar to a ‘virtual tripod’. It gives you a feeling of a personal photographer anytime, anyplace. The early adopters of Snitch are: travel bloggers, vloggers, photographers and videographers, street performers, sportsmen, dancers, workout athletes. Snitch has a powerful HD Camera and a PCB with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules that make it ridiculously easy to take picturesque photos and create astounding visual content.

How does the Snitch remain airborne, you ask? The Snitch has a Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Magnetometer that work with the ducted fan that all run on 2 Li-Po batteries 1000 mAh each. All of these specs combined in a small ball shaped form plus a unique control system make Snitch a unique product to be sold on the market.

The social media world waits for you. Take it by storm easily! #selfiedrone

If you’re interested, you can read more about it here: http://snitchme.com

A friend just pinged you the address to an event and you hasten to check Google for directions. Several furious seconds (you keep pressing the text but it simply refuses to copy) and choppy screenshots later you manage to get the address onto Google maps and locate your directions. You realize you have to Uber you way there and the same cut-copy- paste ordeal follows.

Here’s how to avoid that. 

Cubeit’s interface is built for all your apps, not just one. Cubeit intelligently learns what you would like to do with your data and shows only what you need. Save a location from Maps and you get handy buttons to navigate and call an Uber; a link from Product hunt shows the number of upvotes along with an install button. Cubeit knows what you want to do with the content and makes it actionable.


Cubeit, which went live in March 2016, is a Bangalore based startup founded by Sarthak Jain, Prathamesh Juvatkar and Nithin Gadiparthi. Cubeit was envisioned from the exasperation of switching through multiple apps to figure out where all the information was and the problem of sharing links with friends in chat and getting lost.

Cubeit’s search base spans multiple apps and throws up results based on context; ergo, you find exactly what you want, when you want it. Cubeit supports sharing all types of content – videos, files, links, images and contacts making it hassle free to talk to your friends about the things you love. Cubeit’s unique interface is its USP. Currently, the one place where you can share any type of content is chat, but unfortunately, to understand the content of the link it requires you to copy the link and switch between multiple apps: an avoidable annoyance. But, when you share a link in Cubeit, the app intelligently understands the most important information from the link and shows only what’s appropriate.

For example, if you share a hotel review from TripAdvisor, the text link will be converted into a card which shows you the ratings of the hotel up front, along with buttons to call the hotel. Content is made actionable within Cubeit with just a tap.

As of now, Cubeit’s competitors are Dropbox (file saving and sharing), Evernote (save, organize, search everything important to you), Pocket (save web links and read it later) and Slack (communicate in an organized manner) But what distinguishes Cubeit is its ability to search through multiple apps in one place and add it to your content without the need to switch multiple apps. Cubeit has essentially built its own search engine! Cubeit is also testing out a news feed feature aggregates content from apps you like and presents it in one place. Their idea is to learn from the users’ behavior and present content tailored to their interests.

Cubeit has been successful in their efforts to replicate the folder paradigm from the desktop on your mobile phone; a feat that no one has been able to accomplish between different operating systems. This makes transfer of files and data management effortless.

Cubeit helps get the best and seamless use of your smart phone.

Check it out – Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gridants.cubedroidbeta&hl=en

Cubeit’s iOS app is underway! Check out their website – www.cubeit.io

A simple observation can go a long way and this is a testament to Chris Hornak and his start-up, ‘Blog Hands’.

Blog Hands is a blog writing service that provides businesses with blog content on a monthly basis.

After struck by a realization that, Blogging is an essential strategy to virtually any digital marketing campaign, yet developing content on a consistent basis is a real chore.

Mr. Hornak utilized his experience of over 15 years in web marketing where he has been providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consulting to startups and small businesses, developing blog strategies and directing campaigns for hundreds of businesses as a director of operations and so on.

Content is what makes the internet world go round. Whether you’re an email marketing specialist, social media guru or SEO expert you need content to fuel your marketing efforts.

Unfortunately for these professionals writing and/or making the time for writing can be a challenge.

Blog Hands takes the weight, of wondering where your next round of blog posts are coming from, off a business’s shoulders and allows them to put their focus where it’s most needed, running the business.

Blog hands mainly caters to a plethora of people Small to medium sized businesses who may not have the time or staff to keep their blog updated, Bloggers who’s blogs who have become stale and need more frequent updates.

-Agencies who want to offer blog writing and SEO services to their clients without having to hiring a whole team or writers.

-New websites that want to hit the ground running by having their site populating with fresh unique content.

Their pricing plans are pretty simple and straight-forward ranging from $160- $480.

These are monthly packages where you can choose how many blogs consisting of how many words you require as per your choice. Chris Hornak, the founder has also released a free eBook with over 130 pages of blogging advice covering everything from choosing the right blog platform to converting blog traffic.

Blog hands gives you a sense of security by handling a crucial area of your business and this along with their affordable pricing allows one to spend more time in other areas of business. So for all of you out there who are struggling to maintain your blog, take a look at Blog hands, and do comment below and let us know about your experience.

You can download the e-Book here: http://bloghands.com/ebook

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy” – Henry Ford

Vivek Chaturvedi, Ekta Singh, John Lazarock, Gautam Peri, Andrej Simon, Fractal works and Mateen Bhai are working on a new automobile design with Aadivaahan, an electric vehicle that is attempting to break the world record for the longest range in a single charge (Non-solar category ).

Currently, University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg team out of Germany holds the record for the longest distance so far. Since 1998 the team from the University has been attempting the feat and it currently stands at an impressive 1,103 miles (1,631.5 km) set on Bosch test track in August 2011.

Vivek says “Aadivaahan has proven us in the prototype concept stage that the record is well within our reach, achievable in this calendar year, 2016”.

The team has a mix of people from various backgrounds contributing to it’s making. Founder Vivek, a design enthusiast who has worked on various design related project for close to 10 years is also a musician and social comentator.

Ekta, an engineer by degree, has a keen interest in bringing people together and creating a buzz about Aadivaahan since it’s beginnings. She has been instrumental in organizing and executing fundraisers, awareness campaigns for the project. John Lazarock, their In-house designer who Vivek met 10 years ago collaborates with him now for this project, bringing in his expertise from designing futuristic cars at General Motors, he contributes to Aadivaahan.

Gautam Peri, the electronics expert whose forte is embedded systems. Andrej Simon, or known as the “Battery doctor” whose battery innovation allows the vehicle to travel longer distances. Vivek finally met Mateen Bhai, a master fabricator who is also an intuitive designer to form the core team.

“There is something fundamentally wrong with our vehicle design. The way technology has evolved, the design hasn’t changed in all the years. Aadhivaahan is about making the world sit up and take notice the much needed design update to our automotive products” tells Vivek.

This view formed the foundation of Aadivaahan’s design principles. Their intention is to cross 1631 Km (which is the current record) on a single charge. The ideal system that they want to design would travel that distance with 150+ kgs load.


(c)Aadivaahan . A skeletal prototype of the vehicle.

Their present challenges are improving the designs without affecting the performance, battery performance and load size among other things. Vivek feels that getting anything made related to hardware in India is extremely challenging.

He hopes to start an affordable kit-based package where one can get a kit and assemble it themselves or get a professional bike mechanic to do it for them. Mostly in the simple Do-it-yourself model, where students or any enthusiast who wishes to get a kit, can deploy it in no time. He feels that this will bring down the costs and transportation constraints. The vehicle is being built out of a garage in Kacharakanahalli, Bangalore city, India.

They are seeking funding of $77,000 (51Lakh INR) on the crowd-funding platform Ketto.

You can support Team Aadivaahan’s crowd-funding campaign on https://www.ketto.org/aadivaahan ,

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, isn’t it? This quote holds so much truth in this case with Tapash Majumder.

With hundreds of things that he needed to remember, mostly passwords, ATM pin numbers, credit card, account numbers and more which are such a vital part of our life and also unsatisfied with existing password managers he decided to create one. To make this idea into a reality he quit his really great job at SailPoint. A liquidation event at SailPoint enabled him to take this leap and finance Stashword.


He’s the primary developer with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Kansas and experience Identity and Access Management field for having worked for several year. The company also has two other very competent founders who help with design and marketing.

Originally slated to be named as “Simple Password Vault” but they later renamed it as stashword to keep it short and catchy.

Their philosophy about making password management simple and accessible to tech newbies. Stashword is secure enough for the pros and easy enough for the newbies. It is the only password manager which lets you securely login to Stashword using your Facebook credentials (they will be adding more third party logins such as Twitter in the future).

This is like a two factor authentication without anyone even being aware of it or having to do anything additional. The encryption key or the ‘Stashword’ is separate from your login. This means even if by any unfortunate means any hacker somehow obtains access to your Facebook account he can’t unlock your vault.

The great thing about this approach is that it’s not only more convenient but also secure.

It’s also the only password manager which lets you organize your passwords by tags. You can have multiple tags for a single password such as ‘Work’ and ‘Windows login’ unlike other password managers where one can only group by folders so you are forced to either choose ‘Work’ or ‘Windows login’ folder for the password.

This app comes with a tons of features including an auto closing vault lock which automatically locks your vault after 30 minutes (this default behavior can be changed in settings).

Their primary competitors are established password managers such as LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane. They charge at least 10 times as much as Stashword.

Stashword provides a cheaper alternative their pricing model has no complicated tiers and no-per device fees. It is either free for basic services or it is just one simple fee of $0.99 per year for access to all their services. They don't save credit card information or auto-renew your membership.

They focus mainly on general users but believe that their product will appeal to the enthusiasts and developers as well. It’s a global product which has users from different continents.

Mr Majumder says, “We sincerely believe we can become profitable, sustainable and rapid-growing organically, there is always the other exit possibility of some big company acquiring Stashword. I can think of many companies such as Facebook (we allow users to Authorize using Facebook), Dropbox, Evernote or even Google for whom a company like Stashword would be very valuable”.

This would allow companies like Facebook Dropbox etc. to provide a ‘landing page’ from where one can login to all other accounts and you don’t have do anything extra other than to lock/unlock your vault using your Stashword.

So for all of you out there with trouble remembering your passwords, do give Stashword a try!

Comment and let us know how you like it!

As a founder posed with prospecting challenges for her company Christina Hall along with Eli co-founded ProspectNinja to solve her problems and give the sales and marketing professionals focused on SaaS, marketing services and also to the sales teams that need to constantly replenish the top of their sales funnel with qualified leads.

Christina has over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing working with established brands and early-stage companies to generate first sales. Whereas Eli has a broad range of development experience integrating a diverse set of data sets, automation, and APIs etc.


According to them, the important driving force behind the development of the ProspectNinja technology is helping marketing professionals reach their goals. They believe that simplifying the lead prospecting process with ProspectNinja can increase productivity and drive sales and with an effective outreach strategy, combined with the technology of ProspectNinja, sales professionals can sell more, in less time.

While addressing the age-old challenge of sales prospecting, finding prospect records in less time with more efficiency. And faced with competition from Lead Intelligence space and companies which focus on lead enrichment and on lead generation services as opposed to providing tools for sales professionals.

The technology offered by ProspectNinja will verify contact information for prospects which means there are No more static or purchased lists.

With the ProspectNinja chrome extension one can find contacts based on advanced search criteria, such as: keywords, job title, country and location.

The ProspectNinja done for you lead generation services combines their technology and a proven outreach methodology to fill the sales pipeline in less time. One of their in-house ProspectNinja’s will customize an email outreach strategy for your business of choice.

Their current focus is now on building a solution that helps small to medium sized sales team’s better scale lead generation.

For the marketing and sales world this chrome extension can be a quite helpful and time saving.

Also, for our readers, ProspectNinja is giving away 200 free credits.

Coupon Code : DOPE200

Comment below and let us know how helpful this new extension is!

Vehicular traffic is one of the most annoying part of commuting, anybody who’s ever been stuck in a traffic jam will completely agree with me.

To solve the problem of spending time in traffic and to make driving safer a team of five with varied backgrounds came together to create this app called as MileCatcher.


They are a team of 5 with varied backgrounds and a rich background in sensor and applications for drivers. The founder Lars Boesen, has worked for over 25 years at notable companies such as at Apple, HP and Microsoft in sales, business development and licensing. They are based out of Seattle, USA.

After sensing an opportunity to develop smartphone drivers’ apps without the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic Hardware Dongles. They developed MileCatcher.

MileCatcher logs all the trips that you’ve taken in the app and allows you to categorize it. It also makes it easier to track your daily commute, expenses and provides traffic data.

The app also has more features which send out alerts when the speed limit is exceeded, accelerated too fast/braked too hard.

The app targets drivers and also the companies the drivers work for and those companies which sell services to drivers. With competitors like MileIQ – (which was recently sold to Microsoft), Automatic.com and Zubie both are which dongle based driving platform. MileCatcher is becoming increasingly popular. So, if you are someone who commutes a lot for work and personal reasons then MileCatcher is an incredible app for you.

Download the app here: milecatcher.com

Also, don’t forget to let us know about your experiences with the app and tell us if it lives up to your expectations in the comments below!

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