Fluentify Makes You A Multi-Lingual Connoisseur!

Learning different languages has always been an intellectual part of me. When I joined French classes, little did I know that it takes continual practise to proficient a language? So, I found friends who knew French to keep it a habit. But for you, Fluentify has all what you need to learn a foreign language.

Fluentify is your language illustrator that bunches skilful coach to guide you on your dialects. It is most effective and natural way to learn because it lets you run through your speech online with the flawless speaker on live sessions.

Giacomo Moiso, Matteo Avalle, Claudio Bosco and Andrea Passadori are the co-founders of Fluentify.  Andrea and Matteo had the privilege of working and studying abroad, which made them realise the fact that one needs to verbalize in order to be fluent in foreign languages.


People from non-English speaking countries always want to be fluent in English. However, existing solutions to learn a foreign language are theoretical, far from being practical.

Fluentify is a premium model. It is a web interface for learning foreign languages. It enables you to select a tutor and book session according to your connivance.  The educating app lets you speak and practice the languages with the talented tutors.

Language schools and online players such as Italki and Verbling are the competition faced by Fluentify.

Initially, it was only for English learner however, it is integrating more languages on the palette. Young professionals, IT developers, managers, students, travellers, designers, from non-English speaking countries are the prime punters of Fluentify.

Readers, get a chance to join out tutors community: https://fluentify.typeform.com/to/UbdXrv

To know more about it, checkout the website: https://www.fluentify.com/


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