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In2circle connects people who share same delight. It is an evolution of forums. Most social networks focus on connecting you to people you already know, Q&A style or too specific, there are virtually none that allow to talk about things that matter to you with people that are interested in same.

To retrospect, history has shown us one of the most influential factors that helps people to connect is having common interests, the second and accompanying factor would be geographical closeness.

“We believe that the key to comfortable communication is finding the balance between these two factors. That is exactly what we tried to do with In2circle. We hope that together with our users we will be able to improve it even further.”

The co-founders of In2circle are George Dalakishvili, Alex Art and Shalva Bukia. In2circle is the brainchild of George. While he was running a Web Design agency, Pixel was a successful Project. Shaliva is a designer. Alex is the lead developer and worked in a local ISP. George pitched his ideas to Shalve and Alex about an year ago.


When George shifted to France, he was not able to fill the gap or find people from the same time zone and preferably location to raid a high-level dungeon in World of Warcraft. To the disappointment, he discovered that none of the existing social networks quenched the hunt for like-minds.
George, being an entrepreneur, set out to create a web resource for finding players nearby. After the countless hours of discussion and coffee mugs with Shalva and Alex, the idea of In2circle was tinkered.

The social network flaunts diversified but at times irrelevant contents. It is quite a trouble to search birds of the same feathers over random ramblings.

In2circle is a platform solely for like-minds. Users can find relevant information that interests them. The forum encourages healthy discussion on their curiosities and pursuits. It uses a self-leaning algorithm to adapt to relevant content for every user’s landing page, this is one it’s beautiful features.

“We are working on the prototype of this algorithm and hope to integrate it soon.”

In2circle is aiming to be global network of smaller communities, as of now. Currently, it is prototyping and integrating the community step-by-step.

“We think quality of content is very important(we don’t want to see random cat pictures on our feed), so we are trying to set tone to communication.” , stated Shalva Bukia.

The revenue source is going to be ads that interests for each user.

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