Let ‘Robots For Your Photos’ Take Care Of Sharing Photos Online!

Being able to capture beautiful moments is just one part of a photographer’s life. The other part is letting the world see their picturesque creation. In today’s social media craze world getting good visibility for their work is easy. However, what is not so easy is uploading hundreds of photos on different social media sites. The task is highly time-consuming and boringly repetitive. It robs photographers of precious time when they could be out there capturing something even more breathtaking.

To solve this problem there is soon going to be a new app in town called Robots for Your Photos. This app offers a new service for photographers that takes care of the boring task of uploading photos into various photo servers and online galleries. With this app photographers can now publish each photo at the best time so that it’s seen by most viewers. Further it also collects all valuable feedback in one place.

Let Robots For Your Photos Take Care Of Sharing Photos Online!

Meet The Genius Behind Robots for Your Photos!

This app was ideated and founded by Tomáš Hellebrand.

Tomáš lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He is a UX/UI designer and a great appreciator of well designed things and services. His previous work experiences also include being a web developer. This is what gave him the right experience and skill to create his very own project like Robots for your Photos.

Know More About This App!

Robots for your Photos is an online service for photographers that takes care of the boring tasks of uploading photos into various photo servers and online galleries such as Flickr, Facebook, 500px, and many more. This app also allows users to publish each photo at the best time so that it’s seen by the most viewers, and collects all feedback in one place.

What Problem is Robots for Your Photos Solving?

To share their work, photographers often have to go through the mundane and time-consuming task of uploading photos to several online photo services. Further, other challenges include determining the best time to publish photos in order to get the most feedback and accessing various accounts to collect it.

Well Robots for Your Photos is here to solve all such problems. With the help of this app, photographers upload the photos just once and the robots take care of publishing it on several photo galleries. It also monitors the reaction to published photos closely and lets the photographer know the best time to publish in order to get the most feedback. That’s not all; Robots collects likes, favorites, comments, and other forms of feedback for all services in one place thus making it easy for the photographer to access it.

The Driving Force!

“I am a passionate amateur photographer and I came up with the idea to solve my own problem. Repetitive uploading of the photos to several photo services is boring. So I came up with the idea of the Robots that takes care of the boring tasks”, says Tomáš.

Let Robots For Your Photos Take Care Of Sharing Photos Online!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Tomáš’s approach was to create one single feature, make it perfect and usable and then iteratively add another feature. Thus for him, the biggest hurdle was pick the most important feature to start with.

In terms of competition, currently there is no app out there that poses as its direct competitor. However, there are competitors that solve the uploading part, like IFTTT or simply plugins to Lightroom.

On Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More

The future aim of Tomáš is to support as many online photo services as possible. Also, he wants to create platforms to sell royalty-free images.

At the moment, the app is targeted mainly towards amateur and pro photographers who share their photos online. Robots for Your Photos is also here to help them get feedback for their work and build brand awareness.

As far as plans of monetizing goes the service is SAAS. That means that there will be several subscription tiers.

Well to simply sum it up, Robots is here to rid photographers of the mundane task of uploading photos. This gives them more time to concentrate on their next beautiful vision. Also by making valuable feedback available in one place, it further helps them hone their photography skills.

If this app has piqued your interest, then be one of the first to subscribe at: http://robots.photos

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