Brainstorm Pro, A New Piece of Software, Supes Up The MS Word Thesaurus and Turns It Into A Light Speed, Next Generation Creativity & Marketing Tool.

Can A New, Free Thesaurus Software Really Increase Your Vocabulary, Enhance Your Natural Writing Ability & Give You An Instant (And Wonderful) Advantage In All Your Writing Efforts?

Who Wants Better Writing Skills?

Give This New Software 5 to 10 Minutes & Watch Your Writing Capabilities Increase Instantly.

That’s the claim of Jesse Gilbert, a writer and software developer at

“As a creative writer and entrepreneur, I was always looking for ways to express myself, my creativity and actually get something tangible and good for it. A while back, I developed a piece of software I call Brainstorm Pro. What it does is tap MS Word’s thesaurus and uses my own special system to make it into a more useful creative writing tool that can help every writer, from entrepreneurs, to copy writers and even poets to instantly write better.”

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How does it work? It basically gives from anywhere from 3 to 100x the amount of synonyms available for any word, and puts them into a format that is easy to select from and start developing creative concepts.
This can help with everything from marketing tasks such as developing product titles, to creative headlines, all the way to writing song lyrics and even acronyms.

“Right now I’m in mid-launch stage. I have a product that has been field tested by over a dozen freelance writers who have all taken it for a spin and given it resounding recommendations. It is useful not only for the seasoned copywriter with 10 yrs+ experience, but also the ESL freelancer and ghostwriter looking to write better English, develop original articles, and charge more for their services in an extremely competitive marketplace.”


Without giving full quotes, some of the comments received so far are along the lines of…
“As an MBA student and a marketing professional, I spend most of my days writing. This app has made the process so much easier. I find that when I spend hours writing I tend to reuse the same words over and over, and only a very limited variety of synonyms are offered on Microsoft word. BrainStorm Pro offers me a huge variety in a very easy to use program, as someone who is constantly writing copyright for clients this is really important. Great work on developing this app! It is an app that I will definitely keep using…”

“I am very happy to have found the Brainstorm Pro, because as a non-native English speaker that works as a translator and a blog writer sometimes you need a little more help finding the perfect word that describes exactly what you have to express. What I like the most is that if I haven´t found a synonym for a word, I can change the levels of search in the data base and it gives me even more options to choose from…”

But don’t think this is just for writers; It has also become a trusted tool of a number of SEO engineers and forward thinking marketers looking to beat the curve and stay ahead of the competition in SEO.

And it is offered for free. Not even an opt-in email required!

“I wanted to make the free version of Brainstorm Pro the first choice for anyone looking for the best free thesaurus software. It has been known to set off some spyware alarms, but I have made it as clean and virus free as possible…a lot of good software can trip alarms because I do reference a remote webpage from my site within the software so I can update directions and offers as it develops at this stage. I’m looking for a good work around but for now that is how it is developing. All I can say is look at the page and judge for yourself whether or not you want it on your desktop until (if I ever) I get it certified.”

There are upgraded versions available for $29 currently (possibly going to $50 shortly) as well as other higher ticket items as Jesse wants to cater to a market that can actually appreciate the value of this tool and not load him down with excess tech support issues. If orders are placed from reading this article, it may take a few days to sort everything out as this is a launch designed to get the software into the hands of writers, test the concept, and get feedback before deciding the best way forward in the marketplace.

So where can you get it?


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