Browz’In shopping app granted a provisional international patent


Hot News on the Browz’In App:

The Browz’In shopping app has been granted a provisional international patent. This strengthens our position in the market for smartphone applications that help retailers to promote their bargains to relevant consumers, and help consumers to find the right special offers.

Meet Browz’In at DLD?

Browz’In will be available for live trial in Tel Aviv during the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv from September 7-9, 2015. We are excited to have a booth at the Rothschild Boulevard Urban Happening on Tuesday September 8 from 7pm, near the fashion catwalk.


Visitors can download the Browz’In app and get fashion discounts from Tel Aviv stores during and after the Festival. We will be meeting with experts from Intel and with investors from all over the world. To arrange a meeting with Maxime and Sarah during the DLD Festival, please email Full DLD Festival details are available here.

We Invite You to Join the Retail Revolution! Invest in Browz’In today and become a major shareholder: 10% share for $US 200,000 5% share for $US 100,000 For further information please contact Maxime Seligman at 054-226-1771 or Have you seen our latest promo? Click here for our 2-minute video.

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