The Dark side of social media that you might have ignored so far

Social media has been efficient in sharing information with people from different parts of the world. It has so much important to us that we have the need to share almost everything we do, we love , we make online. Agreed that it has become essential part of our lives and an integral part of businesses that thrive on it online. But the question is, are we responsible while using it. Are we?

Turns out, No we aren’t. Now, why would i say that?

Over the course of time we began sharing important information through social media. Most of us rely on these information to educate ourselves, stay a little ahead.  But often these news, mostly shared by the common public are  downright misleading. As was the case with the man from Melbourne, who was taking a selfie before a Star Wars set to send to his children, was assumed to be taking photographs of her children by a woman who later shamed him on social media and then accused him of being a pedophile all based on her Judgement instantaneously without even inquiring about it. Imagine the amount of distress the father and his children would’ve gone through. It’s things like these that add a negative shade to social media and it intrudes our privacy. We need to understand that we are actually promoting cyber bullying without us knowing it. (Read here)

In the present generation,

Businesses small, medium or large in scale, prefer the social media over the traditional advertising form as it reaches the user faster over the traditional medium, can create a more impact and they can gauge the performance as opposed to the traditional medium. Social media can skyrocket your businesses’ sales, if done right. An average person does minimum amount of research before buying a product, and social media establishes the first level of trust before they make a buying decision. Many businesses know this for fact and they employ a technique known as Negative SEO and social review to create a negative image about their rivals in order to garner more sales of their product / services. They hire the ones known as Blackhat SEO experts, who create negative reviews on a plethora of account using bot to voice out automated negative reviews through Tweets and Facebook comments. that when you search for it, these show up on the Web and Social media.

They say that social media has reduced the attention span of an average surfer who browses through an array of articles on the web. And we are would just be convinced after reading a few reviews. When the social web is being populated with these biased and careless information, it is frightening to know that soon nothing can be trusted on the social web which was initially built for.

Social media could be a lot more informative but at the hands of the misguided ones it turns out to be wreck.

This article inspired by the events that involved a man who was cyber bullied in Melbourne by a woman.


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