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Did you realise that you are part of a grand scheme orchestrated by the electronic Industry. Most probably not.

Have you ever realised that most of the gadgets that your parents owned like the 20-year-old semi automatic washing machine or even your dad’s Walkman that he used during college days works great, while products that you and people around you own like iPhones or other devices are intentionally built to die off or self out date long before they actually stop functioning.

Why is this happening? 

It’s all part of planned obsolescence and on a more serious note, there’s a multi-billion dollar technology industry which is built by charging hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the latest devices and gizmo, only to bring out a smaller, faster and lighter new version a few months later, making your current smart phone, well, not so smart anymore.

So what can be done about this ?

If really look at it from a perspective, It’s a simple marketing strategy based on psychology, played on you by the corporates to make you feel that you have something which is of less worth than your peers. Though your devices don’t have the latest features according to the industry standard. They still perform the way they ought to, still pretty good. before the new devices were announced.

“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don‘t know what they want until you show it to them.” — Steve Jobs

Even Steve Jobs went by that philosophy.

So, why would you get rid of them or just letting them sit there, unrepaired, because they’re not the latest versions or because something has gone wrong with them?

Don’t let them gather dust, when they can be of some use in the future. If they’re broken try fixing them.Device_Savers_Broken_Electronics

Services like Device Savers help fix those devices and get them up and running like new, but if you aren’t really keen on keeping your device, fix them, donate them or pass them to a loved one, or Device Savers can even buy back the device from you. There are a ton of uses that used device parts have, all you have to is just ask someone at Device Savers they’ll help you.

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