HeadPal is a heady mix of a handsfree and a selfie stick for your phone.

If you use Facetime, Skype on mobile or watch a movie on a smart phone, you probably would’ve found it cumbersome to hold the device for a long while.

This not only creates an inconvenience but also causes a condition known as Tech Neck or text neck. Tech neck is caused by looking down at your phone over a long period of time and can cause severe pain in the neck region.

HeadPal an Australian Startup aims to solve problem by creating an extendable accessory for smart phone. Adam Agresta an Australian entrepreneur founded HeadPal was founded in October 2014.

After a thorough phase of Research and Development, HeadPal’s first prototype was produced in April 2015.

How does HeadPal work?

It looks quite effortless to connect your mobile device with HeadPal. There are 3 steps which you need to follow. At the back of your phone, stick the supplied magnetic sticker. Once you’ve done that, next connect the mobile device to the comfortable over-ear headphones via Bluetooth connectivity. Finally, mount the mobile device on the HeadPal phone mount by pressing the phone onto the magnetic ball joint.


HeadPal has three functionalities like Head Mount Mode, Selfie stick mode and Table Mount Mode, which makes it sort of like a 3 in one device. You can transition between the modes by pulling all the components apart by detaching the magnetic plugs. Then, simply mould the tubing to the desired shape according to your circumstances.

HeadPal aims to be the feasible solution for users by allowing them to view media without the inconvenience of having to hold or balance their Smartphone device.

Though there are other competitors in the Smartphone mount accessories market, HeadPal tries to create a unique space for itself with the ability to transform into different modes, with three main features to suit the needs of all users.

The head-mount mode connects the device to over-ear Bluetooth headphones, positioning the media device at eye level. The table-mount mode is a sleek mouldable stand that holds the media device and can be positioned on any flat surface. The selfie stick mode enables users to move their media device whilst inserted in the device mount.

With the Australian government showing support to innovative product in the coming years by giving relaxation on taxes, providing facilities to startups.  Adam feels that the move with strengthen the economy and encourage more entrepreneurs to innovate.

“To compete with the global players in the industry is challenging, and has proven one of the biggest obstacles for start-ups in this arena. The fact that we will have a little more freedom and flexibility to compete on the world stage is a great place to start”, Adam said.

The HeadPal product was launched as a Kickstarter campaign on 21 December 2015, to raise $20,000 for manufacturing the product at a larger scale for consumers. They plan to release HeadPal ahead of the planned March 2016 release date.

For further information please visit the official website at www.headpal.com.au .


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