How to choose the best cloud storage service for your needs?

For storing our precious data, we generally use hard drives to store them. But what if our hard drive fails or it is lost? Our precious data can be gone which we collected for years. That is why it is important to look out for some alternate solution to get our data stored safely and whenever we use it, it can be retrieved. A good cloud storage service can do it all for you. All you need is to select the best cloud storage service for your needs and your headache is gone! But it is not so easy to select the best cloud based storage solutions as all the providers are not equal. Let us analyze which cloud storage service is good for you best on the needs and limitations you have.


Choosing best cloud storage service with free storage

Start with free cloud storage providers if your needs are not big. If you are receiving sufficient free storage for all your requirements then what is the need for going to a paid cloud storage provider. While choosing the best cloud storage service for free you need to have the following considerations. Dropbox cloud storage service offers only 2GB of free storage and thus offers low free space as compared to others. Mega cloud storage service is more generous and thus offers 50 GB on a free account. Google Drive and OneDrive offer 15 GB storage and Box offer 10 GB free storage on your free subscription account.

A good way to earn extra cloud storage on these popular cloud storage services is to go for a referral program they offer. Refer a person to Dropbox and receive 500 MB free space when person installs it with the code you provided. The extra limit is 12GB with Dropbox while OneDrive provides 5 GB extra space with the referral. Thus you can manage to store your data with these popular services for free if you do not need heavy data storage.

Also if you are looking for an unlimited cloud storage service, do not trust any service blindly since there is always some limit or condition associated with the unlimited storage.

Paid plans

If you need more data to store in a cloud storage service then it is better you go for a paid plan. Dropbox offer a single plan where you get 1TB storage for 9.99 USD per month and 99 per year. Box offers 11.5 USD per month for 100 GB and Google Drive starts with 1.99 USD per month for 100 GB. One Drive offers 1.99 USD per month for 100 GB storage with the advantage of subscription of Office 365 suite. There are business plans as well and you can go up as per your requirements.

There are many other cloud storage options available in the market but all you need is to select the best cloud storage service for your needs. The services described here are the popular ones with the big names but if you can find any other reliable service with better plans you can also try them.

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