How to Find the Right POS System

If you are looking for the right POS system for you can be a bit difficult because there are so many POS system out there in the market. If you are looking for the right one is like looking for a “needle in the hay stack” as one would say if you do not know what exactly you are looking for in a POS system. Before you make any buying decision, make sure you take careful considerations.


Once you purchased one and you want to change it to another can be very costly as well as it is very time-consuming. So you need to be sure that what you are getting, whatever your business is – whether you are looking for a wholesaler POS, spa POS, restaurant POS or a hair salon POS, make sure that what you are getting for your business is the right one.



Web-Based vs Software-Based POS systems


This was the only option in the market when the POS system started out, like all other office software. The software is installed in computers and is mainly serving in-house or on-site. The downside to a software-based POS system is that when it is down, you need to get the tech support to come over to your place so they’d be able to fix the problem.


Another downside to this type of system is when it needs an update or when it gets bugs, you still have to ask a tech support to come over to your house to do the job.


On the new systems and some older ones that were being upgraded, there are now available web-based systems that can be manipulated remotely. So once a system crash, all you need is to call the provider and they’d fix it without the need to come over to your establishment. Saves time and money as well as provides more convenience. So as soon as any system updates and patches become available, then all you need is to download them.


Another great thing about the web-based POS system is that all files are backed up via an online server so when your computer gets damaged, you’re still able to access these files. Web-based POS are mostly cloud-based POS, by the way. Anyway, you can access back into your system anywhere and with another computer.


Just an important note to any businesses that have a web-based POS system, make sure that you have a secure and strong password and that you control them.


One major downside to this is the fact that it opens doors to hackers. There are security vulnerabilities associated with a web-based POS system. So you better choose wisely which type of system you prefer.


Services Offered by the POS System Provider


Make sure to cover this area when making some decisions as it can be very costly for you and your business. Opt for a provider that offers 24/7 support because if in case your system crashes on a weekend – particularly on a Sunday and you found out that they only serve Mondays through Fridays, then you are doomed. You’ll lose your business for a day or two.


Another thing that you need to make sure is that when you pay for their system, make sure that service calls are included because if it is not, then it can cost you an arm and a leg. The system is already a costly investment; you don’t need to pay any extra for a service call when there are several providers that offers them for free when you buy their system.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Compliance


Every POS system is recommended to be PCI DSS compliant – the regulations are set to help protect the privacy of the guests that are using credit cards.


Packages Offered


There are options that are being offered by some POS system dealers that are customized for your needs depending on the type of industry you are in. Such instances are for catering businesses with their F&B POS System setup heavily with the bookkeeping and scheduling applications along with inventory and such. For restaurants, their F&B POS Systems are able to support multiple stations but might not need the other applications like the ones in the catering industry.


You can find a lot of POS system bundle packages specifically tailored to your industry. So whether you are looking for hair salon POS, spa POS, wholesale POS, retail POS or the F&B POS, you will likely to find one for your business.


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