Hub Marketing Changes Marketing for Small Business

What is Hub Marketing?

There is a company out there that has developed hundreds of industry specific websites that are designed to work for small business owners to help market their goods or services to their local region for a very small price. This “Hub Marketing” system is designed so it works as a collective in an industry and brings new clients for a small price because as a collective the site ranks well from all the information complied through each company from within the niche industry.


Industry Army Marketing(IA.M) explains how it works. I am the only contractor or service provider in an area but have an Army of contracts or service providers within an industry with no competitors within a geographical area.

This system is offered at just $10 a month per region. This start up company has more then 350 industry specific site ready to go for marketing needs. Sites like printing store dot org for printers, gas fitter dot net for heating contractors of all sorts. The list is large and has a great deal of strength with it’s domain names and ages. I.AM is offering this very low price of $10 a month so that small business owners can compete as a collective online against the big box stores. This will help build better business in communities around the world. As the saying goes “strength in numbers” so make sure to join your industry army to make an impact for small businesses everywhere. Visit for further information on the Vancouver SEO company that brings the world together through Hub Marketing.