‘Jus’ changes the way you charge your phone conventionally

When you use your iPhone every day and when you depend on your iPhones as a hub — pairing them with wearables or fitness trackers, streaming music, browsing the web, tweeting, emailing, selfies and more selfies — “the iPhone 6 battery isn’t bad. It’s disappointing. And when the phone battery dies, the phone becomes useless.

Let’s Face it, the battery life on the iPhone -every phone- sucks!

And sadly there’s little sign of radical, transformative improvement coming any time soon!

What if you could use your phone without worrying about your battery life ever again? What if you never have to plug in ever again?


Meet JUS, an iPhone battery case and solar charger that would fundamentally change the way you use your phone by replacing conventional charging with solar solving. JUS is an all-in-one hybrid solar-powered rechargeable battery pack and slim case that fits your iPhone 6 like skin. On a full charge, even without access to any light at all, JUS can recharge your iPhone from 0 to 100% twice. In short, it triples the talk time of your iPhone! That’s 42 hours of talk time! And if you have access to outdoor or indoor light-any light–even on cloudy days, JUS will never run out of power. EVER!

To recharge your phone using JUS, simply press and hold the on/off button on the back of the case for 2 seconds to switch over to auxiliary power. The case will continue to charge itself even while it’s charging your phone and when your phone is fully charged JUS turns itself off. It’s that smart, It’s that simple.

We have been working on solving the cell phone battery problem and we haven’t plugged our phone in over 4 months. JUS is a battery case that changes the way you use your phone and it offers you an unprecedented peace of mind.

After more than 10 prototypes, we reached a design that provides the optimum solution and not detract from the appearance and functionality of your iPhone.  Features like the camera, headphone mini-jack, and controls are still just as accessible as before and most importantly, JUS is thin and fits your iPhone like skin without adding unnecessary bulk.

JUS is truly a remarkable advance in green approaches to powering the entire iPhone 6 family including the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

JUS is different than any other battery or case on the market because it truly changes the way you use your phone. With other battery cases, your phone actually takes longer to charge. With JUS, your phone use is never interrupted and recharging is a click away. So don’t let your battery bring you down; free yourself from walls and take your phone camping if you like because when your phone is charged, you are ready for anything! And knowing that your phone power is environmentally friendly with JUS is an added benefit to be proud of and we certainly hope you think the same way too.

JUS currently supports the iPhone 6, 6Plus, 6S and the 6S Plus and with your help, we want to expand JUS to even more phones.

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