K3OPS batteries to delivers an endless supply of green energy using RF energy harvesting

K3OPS heads towards a respectful, environment-friendly approach introducing game-changer batteries to power source all your electronic devices. K3OPS is a system that uses and recycles the energy derived from the ambient electromagnetic radiation field to operate or to charge all electronic devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, eBook readers, digital cameras, remote-controlled, GPS devices and so on…

The company reinvented the traditional electric battery concept by endowing the various general public models with its RF energy harvesting system that converts the ambient radiation into direct current power. It delivers a new source of clean energy by eliminating the electrochemical devices currently used to convert chemical energy into electric power via redox processes. Current electric batteries contain noxious and hazardous metals known for harming the environment.


K3OPS avoids the waste of our natural resources like nickel, cadmium, mercury, lead, zinc or lithium which extraction is a particularly polluting process. K3OPS is part of an extensive product range that uses the same efficient and ecological technology to run.

K3-CASE is the first phone case that harvests and transforms all ambient RF into DC to continuously charge smartphone. Customers will never have to charge their cell phone; they will never run out of power or even have to seek for an outlet

With a different approach, they even pushed further the boundaries of technology by placing all K3OPS system in a patch, offering ‘Stick’N Charge’, their vision of the new Plug’N Play. Harvesting over a wide operating range from the most common radio frequencies sources, using a digital-to-analog converter to convert properly combine with an intelligent power management controlled by a microcontroller to optimize system-level power, allows to provide direct power, power supply on demand ideal for Wearable Devices or to power on a scheduled basis Home Automation.

K3OPS is the best answer to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues, providing free energy.


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