Book: Sabotage, Looks into how you could vulnerable to cybercrime

James Patterson.

Patricia Cornwell.

John Grisham.

Bestselling thriller writers have a new name among them: Dale Wiley. Rising up the ranks among the most renowned, his latest novel exposes the ugly underbelly of the cyber world. Wiley is not only a successful lawyer, he’s an edgy, in-your-face writer who weaves fact with fiction to produce powerful thrillers that have more truth within them than we may care to admit.

For years, people have whispered that the human race is watched and manipulated by a dark side of the government through digital coding. Forget aliens, we’re under surveillance and being sabotaged by our own kind. Even common criminals have advanced to cybercrime, and no one is safe from technological warfare.

The bestselling author of “The Intern” now brings us “Sabotage,” which debuted at #8 on iBooks. Could you be the next victim?


Every hour explosions rock America. There is no rhyme or reason to where they appear: big cities, small towns, even rural backroads. The sinister message that suddenly appears on America’s computer screens is clear: No one is safe:

– Not disgraced FBI agent Grant, awaiting his call back to the big time;

– Not rapper Pal Joey, an international sensation;
– Not savvy, stunning beauty Caitlin, the ultimate Sin City party girl;
– Not even Naseem, the would-be martyr who helped plan the attacks and now finds himself double-crossed.

 As an unhinged mastermind paralyzes a nation, these unlikely heroes must put aside their pasts and work together to stop him before more hours bring more disasters. All roads lead to Las Vegas, where the plan begins to unravel. Can four people, united only by their hatred of this singular villain, finally stop Sabotage?

To say Dale Wiley has led an interesting life is an understatement. He’s had a character named after him on CSI, has built motorcycles for Merle Haggard and John Paul DeJoria (co-founder of Paul Mitchell Hair Products), and owned a record label. The label, Slewfoot, was a critical success, featured on NPR’s Morning Edition as well as in Billboard, USA Today, and Entertainment Weekly. Wiley was interviewed by NPR’s Bob Edwards for the release “The Old, Old Story.” He also sold the rights to “Pretty Woman” among other songs.


Wiley is a must-watch author who can teach us how to survive—and thrive—in the techno-age through the lens of “fiction.” Filled with twists and turns, his books have garnered a worldwide following. You’re certain to be entertained—but also discover what so many of us have suspected and couldn’t prove–until now.

“Sabotage” is available now across all digital platforms. The title’s early success quickly caught the attention of a publishing house and a print version will be available early 2016. (Publisher details to be announced soon!)

Hollywood producers have already come calling, and I suspect we shall see “Sabotage” on the big screen very soon.

Dale Wiley is represented by Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management. He spends his days working as an attorney fighting big banks and crafting big-screen worthy novels.