t.brush aims to revolutionize the way you think about dental hygiene

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Young Entrepreneur to take on the Global Toothbrush Giants with a Unique electric toothbrush – made just for YOU.

It’s time to put a personal spin on your dental hygiene. On National Toothbrush Day, Friday June 26th, UK tech start-up company “t.brushlaunched their Kickstarter campaign to revolutionize the way you think about cleaning you teeth.

BBC TV series Dragon’s Den introduced the t.brush to UK audiences in February 2015, creating a storm of interest from retailers. And with over 500 stores of a major high street retailer in the UK already placing orders for their first release.

The Dental FACTS
With highly advanced oscillate-and-rotate technology the t.brush is 100% more effective at removing plaque than a regular brush. The t.brush is also 60% more compact and has a 70% longer battery life than it’s closest competitors thanks to its custom designed lithium polymer battery and takes 3 times less time to reach full charge. It includes a built-in timer, USB charging capabilities …and DAMNit looks GOOD in your bathroom.


Tried and Tested
After years of research and consumer testing, the t.brush is now ready for its first step into the global market. Our retailers are ready for the t.brush revolution, and the demand is high for our quality product.

Unique Design
Your personality can now also match your toothbrush. With 7 funky launch designs to choose from, it is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to stamp their style on their morning and evening toothbrush rituals. They are available in Personal Styles- Neon, Retro, Polkadot, Classic, Adventurer, Belle & Patriot

USB Charged and loaded!

Globe trotting and hotel skipping? Ryan Donaghy knows how you feel.
By creating a USB charger with universal voltage capabilities, the t.brush is ready to go anywhere you do!

CEO Ryan Donaghy promises “brushing your teeth will never be the same again”.