Keith Potter from Wiltshire with the postcard he recieved 100 years late. See SWNS story SWCARD: Farmer Keith Potter has been left baffled by a postcard delivered to his home 100 years after it was sent. The postcard was delivered to Paradise Farm, Christian Malford, last week. The original postmark on the postcard is January 3, 1912 and it was posted from Monkton Farleigh, near Bradford on Avon. The postcard was addressed to Vida Doel but the farm has been occupied by the Potter family since 1925. Mr Potter, 65, has no idea why it has been delivered 100 years later. He wondered if it had been stuck behind a machine in a sorting office. He said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. “We checked with the postman who delivers here a few days after we received it that he had delivered it and he said he did. He said it was in his delivery bag.