TDS Infinite M wants to be your classy wireless charging companion

If you’re thinking, Oh no! not another wireless charger, given the countless number of options available. Hold it right there. TDS InfiniteM, is slightly different and it wants to be your classy premium wireless charger.

Started as a Kickstarter campaign, InfiniteM by Teiron Dynamics studio is built using premium aircraft grade aluminium and impact resistant glass that makes it durable. Founded in 2013, Teiron Dynamics Studio was set up in Delaware by two entrepreneurs, William Huang and Michael Wang, they have been building and delivering products with smart designs and functionality.


The InfiniteM, is primarily a portable charger that doubles up as a wireless charger and also has a USB port, so that it doesn’t leave out devices that isn’t capable of wireless charging, in the cold.  The charger is capable of outputting 2.1A charge, and is accompanied by a 6000mAh battery unit. Four indicator lights display the level of charge that the charger currently holds, so it’s a lot easier for you recharge it when going on long trips. Infinte M can also be extended by adding additional detachable modules like Qi-compatible, triple-coil, wireless charging, through a docking port thereby making it robust. An impact resistant glass is magnetically snapped on, to facilitate a smooth experience. It can also be detached when not in use.

Both the portable charger unit and the wireless charging module can work as standalone modules. Emphasizing on the ease of use, Teiron Dynamics provides backwards compatibility for older devices for anyone who needs it, without any further extension than the ones provided.

Teiron Dynamics studio is currently also working on bringing new features and modules such as Wireless storage, solar charging, as well as a micro projector to the InfiniteM, in hopes to become a unified dock of sorts, while emphasizing on minimalism. TDS aims to change the ubiquitous portable charger into a device that serves as a base for everything else you need while on the go without compromising flexibility nor convenience.

“InfiniteM was born out of the frustration that wired chargers always have to be plugged and unplugged, and their wear and tear increases by doing so. We tried to minimize this hazzle by designing a product with functional form factor design and wireless charging”, says William Huang, Co Founder of Teiron Dynamics studio.

Teiron Dynamics studio has launched the Kickstarter campaign on september 5th, 2015 to gauge their customer response and reception, so they can keep building products like these. You can check and support their campaign here:

Company website:


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