Top 3 Technologies on ISE 2016

Integrated Systems Europe is the largest tradeshow for the electronic systems industry – the IT world gathers to display their new solutions. More than 60,000 people visited this year in Amsterdam RAI.

Its a feast for the eyes – also with some familiar inventions such as drones, smart house applications and collaboration touch screens.


New technology is arriving fast and solves many of the world’s pressing challenges such as energy sustainability, security and personalised medicine.

It also has a downside – where some jobs become redundant. Don’t worry, being human remains hip – especially jobs which require human-interaction/empathy will remain.

Check out this Top 3 with the coolest solutions:

  1.  3D video collaboration suite

This revolutionary 3D X-ray machine looks inside the human body in colour. This new software renders bones, organs, arteries and muscles in the smallest detail. A doctor – on the other side of the world – can detect a tumour and help a patient. Check out the video of this beautiful invention.

2. The 4K 3D television without glasses.

It feels like looking at a Flippo from the 90’s – if you turned them with your hand the picture would change – after a few seconds your eyes adjust. In the cinema 3D movies look kind of blurry, but this TV looks Blu-ray sharp. Unfortunately, it’s not out in stores yet. The possibilities are endless – augmented reality and gaming have a whole new arena to play in.

           3. Video walls

Just like in the movie Cloud Atlas video walls, floors and ceilings are soon part of our daily lives. At the ISE 2016 exhibition were a lot of seamless walls with a movie of for instance a beach. This means you can change any environment in a second.

All these inventions digitalize our lives. The keynote of ISE 2016 was by Michio Kaku, who spoke about the next fifty years. The top 3 of this year fades away with the prospect on Brain-Net. You can share memories and emotions on social media, where Oversharing gets a whole new meaning.


Cindy Crijns – Digital Marketing Manager, Western Europe.


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