Track anything with Mynt, world’s thin remote

With MYNT, you can:
● Find Lost items
● Trace Anything
● Take selfies
● Play Music
● Present Slides
● Use it as a bookmark

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Here is a short list of MYNT’s characteristics
1. Remote Control: a button is located at the center of the device, which allows a user to remote control smart phones and computers remotely for up to 150 feet. We are working on the capability of connecting to other type of devices currently.
2. Versatility: the small device can be attached or place in almost any place. The structural design allows MYNT to be impact resistant, which increases the durability and life expectancy of the device. The surface is made of hardened steel.
3. Thin & Elegant: although the metal casing gives a feeling of rigidness, MYNT is thin. 1/8 inch (3.5mm) thin. It is the world’s thinnest track & remote. The size is designed to comfortably fit in one’s thumb, and large enough to work as a remote. The steel body is manufactured using the same anodizing process as iPhone, which may give a sleek and smooth touch.


4. Community: the app allows every user to serve as a detective for lost MYNT. Once a MYNT comes within the 150 feet range of any smart phone user, the location will be reported, with permission, to the user that lost the MYNT.
5. Replaceable battery for extended usage: MYNT uses a standard CR2020 lithium button cell that lasts up to one year, and a spare battery is included in the package.
6. SDK allows third party to develop additional applications of MYNT.
The current introduction video can be found on Vimeo . More photos, specification, and info graphs can be found on Facebook. Check out the draft of the Indiegogo campaign. In addition, here are some media assets and tech specs.

MYNT is ready to be manufactured and will ship to backers as soon as the Indiegogo campaign ends. We are currently working on future improvements such as built in functionality in Xiaomi phones and compatibility with Microsoft Office on Windows computers for the second generation of MYNT.

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