Why Magneto Office CRM is best for your business.

A business needs an effective relationship with the customer. Effective bonding with the customer is helpful for growing your business and keeping the customer satisfied.


To find out how Magneto Office CRM can help you in engaging customers positively and growing your business. Read on!!

  1. Customization: Magneto Office CRM gives customization options like no one else. Add or remove fields when you like. Filter data to save time and enhance productivity. As a CEO or project manager you can define information access rights to users.
  2. Scalable: add users as your business grows. We do not limit the customer’s ability to add more users to the platform. We give you complete control over your finances. No more wasting of financial resources.
  3. Affordable: Magneto office CRM is cost effective. The pricing strategy is focussed on fast growing businesses. Pay only for what you use. Our customers can add any number of users to the platform, whenever they wish. No commitment on minimum number of users.
  4. Fantastic collaboration: Say goodbye!, to email attachments store all data in one easily accessible central location. No, more flipping pages in old files to find information.
  1. Important tools: provide all your users with important tools like a personalized calendar and a reminder. A robust database management system gives you access to data anywhere.
  1. Easy to use: the solution comes with very interactive dashboard and menu. Navigate between modules and get your work done faster. All updates and patches are automatic.
  2. No extra baggage: the solution is completely web based, so you do not need to spend additional money on acquiring new hardware or software.
  3. Network manager : as you and your executives meet a lot of new people , add their information and special notes in the system for any future reference.


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