Yardbook connects landscapers and customers (and offers a whole lot more)

Are you starting a new landscaping business, or have an existing one?  You really should be using Yardbook – it’s a free platform for landscapers to use to promote their businesses, and there are already more than 6,000 businesses on it – and it’s the fastest growing software for landscapers.  Yardbook allows you to create a business profile, keep track of your customers, your jobs, give estimates for jobs, keep track of expenses, and store your invoices.  You can generate and print invoices and expense reports, and keep track of your equipment and chemicals as well, so Yardbook pretty much covers all of your needs as a landscaper.  You can also view your tasks on the calendar by day, week, or month, and easily keep track of your customers, so there’s really no reason that your landscaping business shouldn’t have a Yardbook account – it simplifies things, and has a whole host of benefits.


As a potential customer for landscapers, you can search for landscaping services nearby and view their profiles, where you can see any offers they might have, customer reviews, and even photographs of their previous work.  You simply enter your street address, and all landscaping business profiles nearby your location will come up, complete with their distance from you and links to their profiles.  In other words, Yardbook is the perfect solution for both people with yards and landscaping businesses, so check it out today.