Place your brand in the right marketing hands using Agency Spotter

Startup Dope covers entrepreneurial ventures that are both B2C and B2B. Although the B2B crowd has its own share of troubles, one recurring gripe among B2C startups has been the burden of marketing. They all realize how important it is to reach out to consumers but finding the right agency to handle the arduous marketing tasks is not easy.  Founded by Brian Regienczuk and Joseph Raccuglia, Agency Spotter is streamlining the trillion dollar world of marketing by connecting businesses to suitable agencies that can handle all their marketing needs for any budget.


Brian was a Group Director at the Coca-Cola Corporation and got to know that in the absence of a proper search tool; most people relied only on a few common agencies. Says Brian, “I was often asked about the right agency for an ad, branding or design job and usually, the search for a suitable marketing partner would end up on Google, which is far from an ideal place! I was convinced that this was a problem that needed a solution.”

Shorten your Search from Months to Minutes

Agency Spotter doesn’t have a lot of direct competitors but there are marketing consultants who are not very popular for giving a good deal – lots of commission! Other agency search sites like are misleading because they are not independent and are used by consultants for their own lead generation.

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