Venux P2P platform plans to protect your internet usage from prying eyes

The Internet is continuously monitored and ruled by various governmental agencies. Venux, a privacy platform founded by Vlad Kruglyansky, (CEO and Co-founder) and Eugene Nosko, (Co-Founder) provides software solutions to anyone who want digital anonymity and privacy. Venux platform founded in July 2013 at New York consists of three software solutions bundled together and aims to offer secure communication, encryption and management of digital data located locally and on the cloud, and the ability to view and play all major file formats.


Vlad, who priorities his family above anything else, said he had over 15-years of experience in the mobile industry in the ops, retail and technology areas gave him the relentless passion for adding usability and providing customer experience in his product.

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“Upon hearing customer and wireless companies’ complaints about security and usability, data management and digital privacy, I decided to take on the challenge of developing software systems that closes the gap between users increased desire for control of their personal information and ability to share content, enterprises responsibility to keep customers personal data safe and the billions of dollars companies lose due to data and security breaches. I saw the lack of standardization and true innovation in the digital privacy arena, a critical need to address and opportunity to become an industry leader. I have the best team. They are very skilled in many aspects and are quick learners.”, he said. 

How did Venux come about?

Venux realised the seriousness of Privacy and they wanted to protect it well. This realization gave them the motive to do something about it. They turned the idea into a concept, then a prototype and that grew into a business. 

While forming the startup, getting the right evaluation and raising the right amount of funds was their biggest hurdle. The Venux Platform is a P2P system which does not use databases, servers, and does not store user credentials or personal information. All Venux products offer a single sign-on system with the ability to search, share and encrypt files stored locally and on cloud services. The user interface design is simple and intuitive.

For Vlad, his competitors are corporations that have an operating system. Direct competitors within the market are Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Linux. This is due to their awareness and popularity.

“I see the startup turning into a large company producing day-to-day products for business and everyday users. Next, we will be releasing all of our products, getting traction, creating mobile apps based on our platform, creating a browser, a lot more that we can’t mention at the moment”, adds Vlad.

Venux’s target audience area anyone who uses any service online and consider their privacy as an important part of their digital experience. 

Venux p2p plans to use a pay-as-you-go and add-on business models. Add-ons expand program functionality while bringing more revenue streams. Venux’s Add-ons are also competitively priced. The pay-as-you-go model gives users the freedom to make purchases only when they need to without any contracts. Customers can freely use the software and satisfied customers lead to word-of-mouth advertising bringing in extra revenue.

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