5 email marketing platforms for startups that can give your business a worthy hike

Email has been in existence since 1993. It has operated as a timeless platform for digital marketers ever since. It is anticipated that by the end of 2015, there are going to be 4.1 billion email accounts- three times as many the number of people currently on Facebook. Needless to say, email marketing is an indispensable way to promote your business.

Emails can connect you to the whole world as easily as sipping coffee from a mug. Email marketing for new businesses will ensure that people know your brand and establish a healthy relationship with your customers. Email marketing for your small business should be your utmost priority – for it enables you to tempt customers with your latest coupons and offers.  Your ability to customize emails is limited only by your imagination.  However, it isn’t possible to send individualized messages to every single person when you’re targeting a large audience.  In order to make your life easier, I present to you a list of software which magically transforms the previously tedious task of email marketing into pure and blissful simplicity.


Founded in 1999, GetResponse was earlier known as Implix. It is a renowned email marketing platform for startups and small businesses. Helping over 350,000 entrepreneurs from 182 countries, GetResponse has won people’s trust by its exceptional 24×7 live support. It has been rewarded Gold, silver and bronze Stevie Awards for their customer service in 2014. Before subscribing to this online marketing solution, you can take a 30 day trial and check for yourself if it suits your requirements. You can choose an ideal template for your newsletter from 500+ designs attach images from the free collection and as well drag and drop text in images. GetResponse lets you import contacts from a variety twenty sources and automatically publishes your newsletter on Facebook and tweets.

get response


You would be compelled to get 15 days free trial of iContact when you read though the lists of recognitions iContact has received. 2003 was the year when iContact was founded, it was then known as Broadwick Corporation. Winner of over a dozen of awards from 2008 till date, iContact is one of the fastest growing companies. You can manage contacts and get social with ease through iContact. iContact support provides webinars, tutorials and blogs to help you strategize your email marketing plan and built your sales. You can come in direct contact with your customers and monitor how your campaign is working by integrating iContact with Salesforce.com and Google Analytics. This software guarantees to boost your sales email analytics by keeping your customers engaged.



The biggest competitor of GetRospense, AWeber is in the industry since 1998. It merrily engage audience for your business and amplify the results. Assisting over 120,000 businesses, AWeber is utterly instrumental. The functionality and reporting of this software is superior to the others in the market. You can get a 30 days free trial on its official website and later subscribe to any one of the monthly plans. AWeber has been designed marvelously and extends free expert customer support anytime. AWeber will import your contacts flawlessly and save your time by using autoresponders. This software guarantees first class deliverability and perfect integration with WordPress, Facebook, PayPal, Salesforce, Shopify, and Heyo.



Sendy is a self hosted (independent) online email marketing solution. The major cause that has made this software so popular is that it is 100 times cheaper than any other bulk email marketing software. You can integrate Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) with it and track your mails. With Sendy, you can manage brands, lists and subscribers while it will automatically deal with bounces, complaints and unsubscribes. After your campaign has taken off, you can check their results via professionally formatted analytics reports. Sendy may not have a free trial but offers a detailed setup guide. The guide will assist you to set up the software. This software is affordable enough to give a shot.


Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor can become the best investment for your business. Even if you aren’t a tech savvy, you can design your newsletters trouble-free via Campaign Monitor. A smooth user interface will only ask you to pay when you send emails. You do not have to monthly subscribe or pay for list or subscription management tools. Campaign Monitor gives you the option of 30 pre-designed templates and 5 mailing lists which you can further divide into segment. A cool function of this email marketing solution is the screenshot feature which supervises your email deliverability. You can send 5 free emails today via Campaign Monitor and verify if it can match your needs.

campaign monitor

Apart from these, there are several other softwares connecting to global entrepreneurs with their unique features. Software like InfusionSoft is pretty expensive but bestows the entrepreneurs with infinite options whereas software like MailChimp is a whole new package used by more than 8 million people. However, the bottom line is- email marketing is one efficient method of growing your business and you need to wisely settle on one email marketing software. Many softwares are rocking the online marketing industry but you need to discover which one among them will push up your returns on investment (ROI).  Every startup has a different approach; you can take a free trial and decide which will work the best for your business.

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