Web2Print adds another dimension with Augmented reality with Color Alliance

Printing over the Internet has enhanced our convenience and has really proven to be efficient.

Widely known as print commerce or remote publishing, the Web to print concept has been in use quite popularly in the past couple of years.

In simple terms, Web2Print is the essentially translating the customer’s design idea through the internet to your printer.

Why should someone use a Web2Print ?

Firstly, the convenience of it makes a world of a difference than going directly to a print shop to get your printing needs done. Second, it gives you the option to do a try before your print it approach. You can almost see how it looks through a high-grade printer. Companies like High Con and color Alliance offer an innovative, high-performance print portal for their customers and helps them process print jobs fast and efficiently.

They even claim that even amateurs can easily use their software for setting the layout and printing, your online print shop provides a comfortable way to creatively design their own print products.


Color Alliance has even created a webshop Web2Pack store-front that let’s the user customise a variety of things using the editor, If you’re starting from scratch you can use some of their basic templates to get started, you can add a graphic image over a 3 dimensional representation of a box (That you can customize as well) . Once you’re convinced that you like the design, you can use their App that relies on Augmented reality to show you how it could be seen in the real world. The image can be transferred from their printing storefront to their app which runs on android or iOS. The App uses the camera to let you view, try to super impose your image to a live feed from the camera.  Once you’re happy with the design you can select the print option to order printing.


Running your printing business with Color Alliance’s Web2Pack and HighCon Euclid

Yes you can start your own printing business with the Web2Pack and High Con Euclid. The High con Euclid digital High speed printer compliments the digital cutting and creasing capabilities with the store-front software that will offer print service providers and packaging converters the ability to open customized online stores with all the advantages of a digital process; With this product High Con plans to take care of their online editing, short run, on demand production needs while at the same time reducing time, operating and labour expense.

Why should you adopt to this?

With more and more businesses going digital every year, many new avenues are opening up for people who are focusing on some traditional and yet modern industries. While offering a modern printing approach by bringing in more ease of use and convenience to their customers, you not only increase your chance at standing tall against your competitors but you’d also be adding more value to your customers business or needs thereby increasing your profits as well. After all, adding value is what your business stands for, right?

Ready to begin? Check Color Alliance’s website to get started.