Advice about buying and owning a hot tub

From impressing the neighbours to entertaining guests at house parties, there are several great reasons why you might want to buy a hot tub. What’s more, these home spas also bring about a number of amazing health benefits, as the jets can give you a soothing massage and ease muscle pain, while the warm water is known to improve mobility and blood circulation too!

But before making such a substantial purchase, a bit of hot tub advice wouldn’t go amiss. So, with this in mind, here are the main things you need to know about buying and owning a hot tub.

Pick the right one

This might sound obvious, but because the UK’s weather is quite unpredictable, you’ll need to pick a hot tub that can withstand turbulent and ever changeable weather conditions. Certain spas are built for warmer climes and won’t last long in the wind and rain. Make sure that you make the right choice from the get-go!

You must, if your unit will be used in the UK, look for a hot tub made from durable materials, such as fibreglass with a metal frame and treated wood cladding. Moulded plastic spas will also stand the test of time well so are also worthy of your consideration.

Buy a good quality cover

You might think that a hot tub’s cover is only there to keep the water free of garden debris, but it is really much more important than that. Because hot tubs constantly keep their water warm, a cover is needed to provide sufficient insulation to prevent a high level of heat from escaping.

So, make sure your choice of hot tub has a good quality cover, which fits tightly and subsequently therefore helps to reduce your energy bills.

Consider the running costs

Along with the initial expense of purchasing your ideal system, you’ll also need to consider the running costs of a hot tub. Having said all that, modern systems are very energy efficient and will only cost pocket money, relatively speaking, to keep up to temperature and warm enough for your use.  In this way your pride and joy will thus remain useable whenever you fancy a dip, day or night, summer or winter!

However, it is a good idea to do some research on electricity prices in your area to see how much it could potentially cost. Also, ask the manufacturer or dealer for details about hot tub efficiency and compare all of the different options together, on paper, to see which is best for your needs and pocket.

Think about its location

The vast majority of hot tubs are quite substantial and will take up quite a lot of room. On top of that, they can be incredibly heavy when filled with water and people.

This means you’ll need to make sure you’ve got room for your system in the garden, conservatory, shed or summer house and that the patio or decked area is sturdy enough to take the weight.

Know about cleaning and maintenance

Most units won’t need much maintenance, as they tend to come with their own in-built hi tech cleaning and filtration systems. However, you’ll need to maintain the right chemical levels in the water and change the filters according to the manufacturer’s own specific guidelines.

Furthermore, the water will need replacing every three months or so, but this is very straightforward and not much cause for concern.

Follow this advice and you should end up with a hot tub that fulfils all of your wants and needs. Alternatively, contact experienced and knowledgeable dealer Hot Spring World for more information.