AskforTask Is Here To Get Your Day-to-Day Task Done!

The world is so busy doing great things that petites are barely attended. Somebody rightly said it is easy to walk on the moon but gets tougher to clean the roads.  To make pace with our eventful lives, AskforTask gets the resources to meet our little needs.

AskforTask connects those who need the tasks completed with those willing to complete them! The resourceful platform enables its users to post a task to be completed, which in a way will connect them to the friendly resources or taskers in their area.


Meet The Virtusos!

Muneeb Mushtaq and Nabeel Mushtaq are the cofounders of AskforTask. The brothers work closely with the team at our head office in the Financial District on Yonge Street in Toronto. The team has close-knit communication that allows them to have a lot of input in terms of strategy.

They work in a collaborative environment where they bounce ideas off one another, which undergo a strict testing period before any features/updates are implemented.

On the Ideas:

“I developed an idea to connect consumers and the service industry more directly, while providing people with a way to earn much-needed income around their schedule when they are having trouble paying their bills,” said Muneeb.

On hurdles faced:

“The biggest hurdle we faced was getting our name out there. In the sharing economy, word of mouth is the biggest form of marketing as friends tell each other how great a platform is. Once people knew the opportunities that exist with our app/website, the ball started rolling and the word spread.”

The Problem It Is Solving!

AskforTask is making its move to avoid lengthy waiting time, appointments, estimates and the like in regards to services.

Let’s say if a person needs plumbing repairs, they would have to search online, call around and get a stranger to come into their home and make an estimate. But now, AskforTask has made it easy to posting a task and having a reviewed and trusted individual from your area come in to complete the task most often at a much lower cost.


The Market Evaluation For AskforTask!

It is contending with multiple sharing economy platforms. The sharing economy is under one large umbrella and in its entirety is a positive step for society and the economy as a whole.

Currently AskforTask is making its foothold strong around Canadian market and ensuring the demand of Askers is met across the country. Besides, it is analysing the scope in United States and plan to expand into that gigantic market in the near future.

The tool is for anyone looking to make extra cash around his or her schedule. Be it university students who aren’t in class to those completing house-cleaning tasks every day to make more money than they would work for a traditional cleaning company.

The Monetization Model

AskforTask has a service fee of 15 percent, which is apparently the lowest in the industry on a task. This keeps our platform free and without ads.

Readers, they are offering house cleanings for $17hr., which is 15% off our standard price for a limited time. Give us a call (1 844 275 8275) or post a task at
To know more about it, checkout the website:

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