Bad Ice Game from Nitrome is available to play now

When we simply talk about games, the first thing that comes into your mind is online game right? It is because of the fact that, online games have become a thing among generations. With that, you may expect that that people continue to find it and encourage to play it each passing day.

Well, among these popular games online that would find your interest in playing is Bad Ice Cream. Are you familiar with the game? If not, then continue reading to know the things, which is related on this.

Bad Ice Cream is another popular flash game from Nitrome. Like with the other flash games you find from Nitrome, this one is also a very fun and enjoyable to play, especially for players who loves to collect sources such as fruits just to have interest in playing online.  Also, it is a kind of flash game which has a mainly exceptional and interesting presence online.

Bad Ice Cream also has its unique features to offer for players, especially with the different levels that it has. Also, in the case of this game, it is a kind of combination of reverse Pac-man and Bomberman. Importantly, you have your objective as you go through along the way. As it is game of ice cream, your task is to successfully collect the fruits on a snowy wonderland along with ice blocks anywhere. However, your task will not just very easy, because you have to stop enemies and create your path for you to pick up  each fruit and go through to the next level of the game.  Enemies are the challenges of the game, so make sure you need to avoid them all.

But, no need to worry because, you have a power, you could destroy and make ice blocks on linear lines. So for this, you have to use this special power to block and stop enemies as well as create way to gain access to the ice cream fruit.  And of course, like with other kinds of flash games, this game are around in levels, and each levels seems harder and harder so you get challenge with your game play time.

There are many good things about bad ice cream, and these are all made possible just to ensure that you have an interesting game time. With different enemies to figure out how to beat, edge when playing  with or  against another player inside the game, Bad Ice Cream gives you a game which you will likely love. As with many games to choose online, bad ice cream can be the best option to consider. With great features that it has, there is no doubt that it gain popularity among children, and even with all generation as well.