Blixt Secures €5M to Drive Innovation in Sustainable Power Systems

Kista, Sweden-based Blixt, a specialist in software-defined power solutions, announced today the successful closure of €5M in funding. The round, led by prominent investors Union Square Ventures and Energy Revolution Ventures, highlights surging interest in the sustainable energy technology sector.

Blixt’s technology centers around optimizing power systems for more efficient energy use. Its BLIXT Zero switchgear supports direct current (DC) power and microgrids, while its cutting-edge X-Verter® system minimizes energy waste during power conversion processes, significantly extending battery life. These solutions are critical in industries ranging from data center operations to electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

“This funding will propel our expansion, allowing Blixt to extend its reach and bring transformative power solutions to a global market,” said Charlotta Holmquist, President of Blixt.

Key Insights

  • This funding round underscores substantial investor confidence in sustainable energy technologies, a sector experiencing rapid growth in response to climate change concerns and rising energy costs.
  • Blixt’s focus on power efficiency aligns with industry-wide efforts to minimize waste and optimize clean energy sources.
  • With 53 patent applications and its place in Infineon’s partner program, Blixt demonstrates a commitment to innovation and holds vast potential within the power systems technology landscape.

Deal Highlights: Blixt Funding

Company NameBlixt
HeadquartersKista, Sweden
SectorSustainable Energy Technology / Power Systems
Round Size€5 million
Round Type(Assumed: Series A or Seed Round)
Lead InvestorsUnion Square Ventures, Energy Revolution Ventures
Use of FundsExpansion, business growth
Key TechnologiesBLIXT Zero switchgear, X-Verter® voltage control
Notable DifferentiatorFocus on energy efficiency and battery life optimization
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