Pat Your Colleagues on the Back and Create a Better Workplace Using Braavoo

After a certain point in our careers, money stops being a motivator. Yes, money enables us to buy iStuffs that somehow motivates us to earn enough to buy a new one next year but I’m talking about real motivation. You know, the kind that inspires not just another painting but a masterpiece, that creates not just a brick/cement structure but an edifice, that makes a man/woman pioneer instead of just being an employee. Motivation is important.

The workplace of today need new ways to effectively motivate employees and keep them engaged. Smart people, the most precious resource in modern organizations in today’s complex work environments, are all too often disengaged, lose motivation, and thus more likely to move elsewhere.

Now say Braavoo! It is a web platform that introduces a new way of recognizing the achievements of employees and teams and ultimately improves the overall bonds within an organization.


The founder came up with the idea and handles the strategic product development, operations, sales and business development. The CTO makes sure that usability, design and customer experience are top-notch.

He talks more about the motivation behind motivating others, “Braavoo was born from a pain common to almost everyone at work: although working with smart and caring colleagues, all too often concrete feedback on specific tasks comes short. Colleagues truly recognize each other’s performances and should be encouraged to turn that tacit recognition into a potent means of boosting the overall morale of the team.”

Braavoo is a gamified, cloud-based platform for direct and meaningful employee feedback over any device, from anywhere. The service is primarily targeted at businesses with flexible office hours, remote teams and internationally located project teams, with complex work and highly cognitive labor. After coming out of beta, the company plans to introduce a free version for small businesses/teams and a subscription model for bigger clients.

Special Offer!

Braavoo was generous in offering Startup Dope readers free lifetime accounts! Send him an email at with this article link and STARTUPDOPE as the subject. Offer valid for the first 50 businesses, so hurry!

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