Drive Straight To Your Parking Spot With Constapark!

Let’s face it, finding a parking spot in our bustling cities is like looking for a long lost treasure. It is a serious concern and at times can make you drive around for hours to find a location to leave your car or bike in. But what if we told you that you can now drive straight to your parking spot? No no…. we are not messing around, we are dead serious!

Calling all you frustrated drivers and riders out there! In order to put an end to your parking woes, we introduce you to Constapark. This app surely is a blessing in disguise as it allows you to advance book a spot to park your vehicle and check live statuses. With Constapark, you now have the bandwidth to save both your sanity and time.

Drive Straight To Your Parking Spot With Constapark!

Meet The Masterminds Behind It All!

Conceptualized and co-founded by Mehul Pangtey and Chetan Chauhan, Constapark is here to keep you parking woes at bay.

Chetan is a seasoned entrepreneur with Constapark being his second venture. He is the guy responsible for all the brilliant marketing strategies of the startup.  Fellow co-founder, Mehul also comes with an extensive startup experience. His true passion is in coding and anthropology.

Together, these geniuses bring many unique skill sets to the table. If this is not a recipe for success, then we do not know what is!

Know The App Better!

Constapark indeed is a classic example of a unique idea. To everyone’s relieve, this app is finally here to offer the perfect parking solution that provides information on nearest available parking. Oh! That’s not all; the icing on the cake is that it allows users to book parking online by using integrated booking engine.

This means, no more hunting for the right spot as you can now just drive to the designated parking space. Constapark saves your time and make your day worry free. Also, with every booking users get discount coupons of their choice. This reward system also helps local business to connect with users thus bringing offline businesses online.

Constapark, The Problem-Solver!

The team’s main goal is to improve quality of life for everyone in the city. The one thing that is increasingly growing frustrating is finding a parking spot. Well Constapark is here to solve this pain of parking that affects every single person living in the concrete jungle.

In short, this app simplifies parking. The user can now book parking online before leaving their home. This lets them spent quality time with family and friends and less fuel and time in traffic.

The Inspiration!

“It all started during the IPL match. We decided to celebrate the night at our favorite restaurant and we did not find parking that sort of dampened our celebration. This was when we decided to come up with a parking solution so that no one has to face the same experience”, says the team.

Drive Straight To Your Parking Spot With Constapark!

The Challenges Faced & Contenders!

Like most startups, the team is strapped with limited resources. Insufficient finances, manpower and a need for mentor are some of the biggest challenges faced by the team. Nevertheless, it is their burning desire to make a change that keeps them going and tackle these hurdles head-on.

In terms of competition, Upark and CPS India do pose as potential contenders. However, these applications unlike Constapark work as a manual parking management. Even the app ParkITEKT is a potential competitors but it only provides information and doesn’t support booking.

On The Journey Ahead & Target Audience!

The team is planning on expanding their services across Bangalore once their beta is over. Also, at the moment this app is mainly targeted at people who own four and two wheelers.

“But as we are running beta we are looking for early adopters that include developers and enthusiasts who can help us make the platform better”, adds the team.

Monetizing Scheme!

Presently, the team is working on two revenue models that include parking fees and monetizing market place. They also have a few in the pipeline and it would be announced only after they are through beta.

In short, with Constapark you can be rest assured that you no longer have to pray to get a parking when you reach your destination. All you need to do is log on to the app and book your spot!!

Special Offer For Our Readers!

The team of Constapark was kind enough to endow our readers with an exciting offer. Use the coupon code ‘CPONE’ and get one hour of parking free.

To avail the offer and to know more details, do visit:

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