Creating positive impacts with Sustainable Lifestyle Communities

At a time when there is a serious crunch in resources due to various factors like over population, urbanization, drought, etc. Sustainable lifestyle communities are seen as a wake up call to a demeaning life style which people are leading in the crowded city based communities.

 So What is a sustainable lifestyle community?

A sustainable community is a community that harnesses the power of renewable resources, and is capable of producing the resources, like food, water, electricity etc for its own community within its premises. The resources are only being used by that community.


It is really alarming to see how much we, as a human race are dependent on Non- renewable resources for most of our needs. Have you realized that the entire world will come to a stand still, on the day they end up getting depleted, which is fast approaching. The imminent threats that a crowded, externally dependent society we live in faces are acute power shortages, water shortage, reducing quality and shortage of food. Some of these factors are interdependent too. These are prominently seen in developing countries like India, Philippines, etc and it’s heading towards Europe too, where the rising population is gorging up on enormous resources.

Vince Carter, COO of NextGenUrban says, “The United Nations has projected that within the next 35 years, the global urban population will double, from its current level at 3.5 billion city dwellers to an astounding 7 billion people by the year 2050. That mean that the amount of urban space on the globe also must double in the next 35 years. However, if that unprecedented level of mass migration is not handled in a sustainable way, then we are all in big trouble due to run-away climate change. It is my opinion that this combination of rapid urbanization and the demands of climate control, make Sustainable Development the single greatest business opportunity of all time”.

Sustainable communities aren’t really new to humans, back in the ancient times our ancestors had developed primitive forms of green energy harnessing technology and they were quite efficient. Interestingly, some civilizations which were at a threat of being constantly attacked by their neighboring civilizations, were building a town that could be easily dismantled and moved.

Companies like NextGenUrban offer a proprietary cleantech infrastructure design that promotes sustainable urban growth through its platform. Ideally, the company deploys the complete sustainable infrastructure systems that are capable of internally producing and delivering all required utilities and services for its resident planned communities.

Features like solar energy harnessing, waste to value technology, bio-digesters for producing fuel, water purification, micro grids, digital services and even advanced organic food production. It works with each other perfectly in synchronization. As a result they maintain sustainability, zero-waste due to proper waste management and utilization, carbon neutral neighborhood that liberates residents from the global supply chain for their most critical resources of water, energy, food, fuel, and digital connectivity. It also promotes a positive impact on the socio-economic and environmental levels.

 So what makes NextGenUrban stand out?

“We know people are tired of hearing about sustainability and just want to be sustainable, without the hassle of figuring it all out for themselves. NextGenUrban satisfies this desire. We are focused on what life will be like ‘beyond’ sustainability. Our system makes sustainability a forgone conclusion when our residents step into our neighborhood.”, Vince added.

In the coming years, NextGenUrban plans to expand its presence in the emerging markets like Mexico. where it already has started work on a few communities, and they are at various stages of permitting and entitlements that include seven different master planned communities covering a total of 4,500 acres.

NextGenUrban also plans to expand in South East Asia (Thailand) and the Pacific Island nation of the Philippines, both via franchisee arrangements with long-term partners who have operated there for many decades.

Sustainable communities are essential to help recover the world, and to leave our future generations with the resources that would help them thrive in a better place than what we are living in.

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