The Front Page Of The Creative Internet.

Creative Buzz is a website that is created by Sydney and London-based Aussie duo Alex Holt and Craig Barber. It is a website featuring daily links to the best creative news on the internet. They have launched a new site which they aim to be ‘the front page of the creative internet’. The site takes inspiration from Reddit and the tech focused Product Hunt but focuses solely on work and news from the creative industries of advertising, art and design.

Launched on Friday the 6th of March, the site has been 3 months in the making, both of the sites creators spending their spare time working on it as a side project in between paid work. Product Hunt and Reddit were their inspiration, but they wanted to do something for the creative community, so they created Creative Buzz.


Craig Barber, the co-founder of Creative Buzz gives us an idea about the website. He explains that each day visitors to the site will be greeted with selection of hand-picked, links to the latest advertising, design and art. Visitors can click on the links, up vote and comment as well as submit content of their own.

Both Craig and Alex believe the true value of the site comes only when the creative community visits and up votes the links they like most, in turn surfacing the best stuff to the top of the ‘trending’ list. Craig says “There is a hell of a lot of amazing creative work being published online everyday, what we aim to is put it all on one page, on a daily basis. We’ve created a place for the creative community to visit, up vote and submit creative, thus creating a site for the creative community, by the creative community. Our goal is the be the front page of the creative internet. The place every creative goes to get their daily inspiration whilst sipping their coffee morning coffee.”

Making people aware of the site was very challenging for them.There needed to be a place on the net where creatives could get links to the best stuff on one page, each day.They successfully accomplished this with Creative Buzz.

They view Reddit and Designer News as their main competitors. The reason is because Reddit and Designer News feature some of the same stuff and have a similar model.

Their expansion plan is to keep posting daily links to the best creative on the net, get more people community members involved and posting their own stuff. They want to be the front page of the creative internet.

Their target audience are artists, designers, advertising creatives, marketing people. When asked about how they were planning to monetize it, Craig says that in the near future, they may put some subtle ads and links to great products that their community might like.

With a great USP like theirs, Creative Buzz will manage to attract the maximum viewership which will eventually lead to their success.

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