Daily Log Pro: Your Modern Day Jobsite Reporting Software

It is usually a total pandemonium at a jobsite. With many activities and decisions happening every split second it can be quite hard to manually document it all for future use. Thus to help you with this very ordeal, there is a new application in town called Daily Log Pro. It is your modern age jobsite reporting software that is here to make your work easy and efficient.

Daily Log Pro: Your Modern Day Jobsite Reporting Software

Meet The Mastermind Behind It All!

Daily Log Pro was conceptualized and co-founded by Jared Kemp. He is a general contractor who builds and renovates hotels and other commercial properties. He was a former Army National Guard Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“My good friend Peyton McNully assisted me throughout the development process coordinating with our development team, without him it would have been a much longer and painful ride”, says Jared.

Know The App Better!

Jared saw a need for a jobsite reporting software that one could use while actively managing a job. He knew that even if he didn’t sell many copies, he’d be able to use it in his day to day operations as a general contractor.

Daily Log Pro is important because on any given day on a jobsite, a superintendent speaks thousands of words and can make hundreds of decisions. Without a record, it is hard to call up any one of those conversations or decisions. This application takes a snapshot in time to reference down the road when you need it the most.

The Inspiration!

“When you look back at a job, you need to know certain things about what was happening on any given day, what the weather conditions were, and who may or may not have been on site. The lack of collecting call this data in one place is want triggered the idea”, says Jared.

Daily Log Pro: Your Modern Day Jobsite Reporting Software

On Challenges Faced & Contenders!

The biggest challenge for Jared was time. He would be at work all day and come home to Skype with developers based in India to discuss their next milestone. This was both taxing and exhausting but to him it was all worth the pain. Further, in terms of competition, Jared is oblivious to any as he didn’t develop this application with competitors in mind.

On Expansion Plan, Target Audience & More!

“Down the road I can see this application managing all aspects of the project from Sending RFI’s to Creating end of job Punch lists”, says Jared.

At the moment, this application caters to the needs of small to medium sized general and specialty contractors. Also, when it comes down to monetization, currently the application offers a free one month trial. After the trial period, the user can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription in the App store or Google Play.

In short, Daily Log Pro is your go-to jobsite reporting software that lets you manage various aspects of a job better!

To know more about the app, do visit: www.apps4contractor.com

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