Dudepins: The Pinterest For Dudes

Women are bombarded with millions of online sites where they can practically buy or discover anything. Unfortunate, men haven’t been that privileged. The pity is that there are almost zilch websites that are dedicated exclusively for men thus making things really hard for them.

Well, all you studs out there, do not fret as there is a new website in town called Dudepins. Unlike any other site, this platform is solely for guys and oozes of pure manliness. With this application, men can now discover, discuss, save, buy and share the coolest manly stuff.

Dudepins Is The Pinterest for Dudes!!

Meet the Masterminds!

Conceptualized and co-founded by Kamil Szybalski and Arthur Miyazaki, Dudepins is everything a man wants.

Kamil is a passionate and driven technology entrepreneur specializing in product, marketing and growth. Over the last 5 years he has successfully helped companies, including his own, move from concept to scale. Currently, he is the cofounder at Dudepins and Discovle. He also works on growth at Hootsuite labs.

The X-Factor!

Dudepins is all about helping men discover, save and buy everything that’s manly. Each day this platform helps thousands of users easily find the coolest stuff for guys on the Internet. In a way, it’s the Pinterest for dudes which to their relief is free of anything to do with wedding decor and craft stuff.

The Inspiration!

“We noticed trends in social media a couple of summers ago and decided to see whether building out a niche site had legs. We know our users are one of the most desirable online demographics, so we’re excited about that”, says Kamil.

Dudepins is the Pinterest for Dudes!

On The Hurdles Faced & Competitors!

Like most startups, even for the team time, prioritization and focus were their primary challenges. But they had the determination to overcome this hurdle with clever planning and execution.

In terms of competition, the team has an impressive attitude towards their contenders. Though they do keep a healthy pulse on what their competitors are doing, the team is not overly attentive or analytical about it.

On Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More!

“We are currently making many changes to the site based on what we’re learning from our users. We are looking at possibly adding an Android app, expanding our shop into new verticals and launching some exciting partnerships”, says the team.

When it comes to target audience, as mentioned early, Dudepins is mainly for men. This platform is mostly used by users aged 24 to 38 in North America and Europe.

In addition, every application needs to generate revenue for its sustenance and growth. Thus the team currently has a Men’s Shop where users can easily find and purchase all the latest gear for guys.

To sum up things perfectly, all you guys out there, you now no longer have to browse through millions of site to get the things you want. Dudepins is your one stop portal for all your masculine needs!!

For more information on the site, do visit: http://dudepins.com

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