Find your ideal social experience instantly with Source



We caught up with Simon Thomson, CEO & Founder of Source USA, Inc. a company based out of Palm Beach County, Florida, that is launching a new platform: Source. Source is being developed as a revolutionary platform that uses your personal ratings and preferences to match, filter and deliver you quality recommendations: delivering you what you want – when you want it.

Source has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo (visit, focused on connecting sports fans of the same team together, and helping you source the bars where YOUR teamʼs fans meet to watch the game – at home or anywhere across the country! They are reaching out through this campaign to College Sports fans and need YOU to come on board to help them get the platform finished.

We held a Q&A with Simon Thomson, to find out more:

Q: Tell us, why is Source launching, Simon?

“We are launching Source for many reasons: because people always tell us they want to know the best places where their football teamʼs fans watch the games, or where is great to find that perfect restaurant to take a first date – but existing services are time-consuming, difficult to know if the ratings and reviews are real or not, and really un-personalized to who they are and what they want. Source makes all this possible and so much more, because Source is an ingenious app that helps ANYONE instantly find their ideal social experience.

Q: How does Source work? 

A: Source filters and matches all your searches based on your specific ratings. From here, you can find the places you like and connect with people who share your passions. No more hit and miss. Just the perfect place every single time.

Q: What else can Source do? For instance, how could it help me if I am out-of-town for example, and want to watch my team play?

A: Source is smart – it connects you with everyone else who rates a location the same way as you. So now you can sync into their “stream” and source all their preferred bars and hot spots, across the country. Plus Source gives you a second chance to re-rate a location-based on other qualities it may have, so nothing gets left out of the mix.
The way this works for sports fans is that by adding the “Source Lens” for your favorite sports team to your profile, you instantly sync into the stream of your team, can find where your fans are watching the game, chat with your fans, and receive special offers at the bars or restaurants that are perfect for you. To learn more about Source and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign, visit: now