Get your work done efficiently with a Virtual assistant

Until my last Startup I’ve tried managing most of the things on my own. Coming up with a process to take care of other process, responding to customers, checking up on the order statuses, well almost everything. Most of us business owners, whether running a small business or heading an IT related business would be bugged with tasks that have to be taken care of with a little extra attention or you may have hit the roadblock and would require some kind of assistance. That’s when a Virtual assistant comes into picture.

A virtual assistant in fact saves a lot of time and actually helps you scale up your business to the next level. Many small business owners have in fact vouched for that.

There are a lot of virtual assistant services out there for specific use cases. The one that I’m talking about would be for database management which i found extremely difficult as it involves a sound technical background. Also hiring a full-time employee for that specific problem may not be feasible for most small and medium businesses. There are plenty of virtual assistants, but having an efficient one, beats them all.

Martin Bartalsky the founder of Primo Virtual Assistant LLC, has an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems, and his Masters degree in MBA.


His prime focus is on Information Technology and is his biggest passions and through that he aims to provide effective solutions to a range of businesses in the IT sector facing complex problem.

Martin also feels that there is a simple solution to every complex problem, once you understand your client’s problem.


Martin tries to provide an automated solution in place of a process that requires manual intervention, thereby saving hours of time which can be allocated to perform other important tasks.

Primo Virtual Assistant’s expertise also extends to Data analysis and Web design where they analyse crucial data that can impact decisions.

Primo Virtual Assistant is growing to provide client’s the best way to organize, manage databases and provide high-end web design that work for your business and you.