Guest post guidelines on Startup Dope

Guest Post Guidelines

Guest columns / guest posts are a great way for experts to share their ideas, views and expertise with our audience. An outside perspective can definitely help our audience with valuable insights that the guest posters offer.

What is a Guest Post / guest column, according to us?

Simply put, a guest post is when we allow independent expert contributors / industry leaders / investors / entrepreneurs / business leaders / CEO / CXOs  and basically anyone who has sound knowledge in their area of expertise that they want to share with our audience.

Category of guest posts we accept: Entrepreneurship, investor advice, Easy hacks for entrepreneurs, Specific advice for entrepreneurs. (for now, we are accepting posts only on these topics)

Guest Post on Startup Dope

The DOs:

  1. Be precise about your topic, do a thorough research on the topic you’re writing about.
  2. Make sure your article meets the standard of our editorial guidelines (You’ll receive a copy upon acceptance). For a fair idea about the writing style, see other posts
  3. Present your ideas clearly, if you’re giving out example, make sure it supports your idea.
  4. Attribute the sources, quotes etc (compulsory)(this helps build your credibility)
  5. Attribute Images to the proper sources. (Important) (you’ll receive a guideline for image selection upon acceptance)
  6. Article word-limit is a minimum of 800 to 1000 words
  7. Send us an original article that isn’t published anywhere. (like anywhere, not even on your own blog)
  8. Startup Dope is all about Startup related news, how-tos, investment trends, life hacks and cutting-edge technology. Please stick to these areas. We do not entertain articles outside these categories.
  9. Proof read and edit the article for consistency before sending it to us.
  10. Please attach the images separately and also mention the source of the image.

The Do Not’s

  1. We’ve already mentioned, please don’t be preachy and do not send self promotional content.
  2. No freelancers or staff-writers, please.
  3. Guest post isn’t about promoting your product, that’s called advertising. If you’re looking to advertise, head over here.
  4. Link building schemes are not allowed, according to our guidelines and other third-party services like Google that can have serious consequences. We won’t accept articles that doesn’t meet the standard.
  5. Biased articles will not be accepted.


  1. You should have a blog / linkedin pulse contributorregularly contribute on your blog.
  2. The article should have not been published and should not be republished anywhere else, even on your own blog is not allowed. (That amounts to duplication)
  3. We own the copyright of the article. The article will be credited to your name as the author, but the rights remain with us. (That’s pretty much the industry standard)
  4. Startup Dope’s editorial team reserves the right to modify, add or delete any content on your article to suit our publishing standard.
  5. Send us a short bio about you, your company and a 256×256 picture of you, where your face is visible clearly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact guestpost[at], your concierge for guest posts.

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