Habit Monster Makes Inculcation of Healthy Habits Fun!

One of the most difficult things to do in life is picking up healthy habits and following up with it till the end of time. Listen up couch potatoes, we do not mean to be dramatic but our lack of discipline is wrecking havoc on our bodies and something needs to be done about it NOW!

To help you with this ‘herculean’ feat, there is a badass app in town called Habit Monster. This app in a fun way nudges us to get monstrously fit and healthy.

Habit Monster Makes Inculcation of Healthy Habits Fun!

Meet The Monsters Behind It All!

Ideated and co-founded by Sam Kolb and Alexi Kostibas, Habit Monster is here to inculcate some really good habits in you.

Sam and Alexi are game developers and techies. They helped scale Second Life from thousands to millions of users. The duo along with their team is passionate about building games that help people reach their wellness goals.

Say Hi To Habit Monster!

The team builds games for health and Habit Monster is testimony to that fact. This app is a virtual pet that helps you develop habits that are beneficial for your well-being. It’s like a Tamagotchi that makes you healthier!

On The Problem This Monstrosity is Scaring Away!

Digital health apps and devices have horrible engagement and user retention. Games are some of the most engaging mobile products on the market. By bringing true game mechanics to the health space the team is hoping to significantly improve user engagement over time.

The Driving Force!

“I’ve worked in games and technology for 20 years, and I’ve always been passionate about ways in which technology can enrich our lives. Games have the power to change behavior, so we decided we’d make a game that changes behavior in a positive direction”, says Sam.

Habit Monster Makes Inculcation of Healthy Habits Fun!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors!

Like most startups, raising money and securing the right talent was the team’s biggest challenges. However, in spite the odds the team has still managed to get some early success.

In terms of competitors, there are many digital health apps out there that are attempting to gamify by adding just one or two game mechanics. To the Monster team this is a very shallow approach as it does very little to increase long term engagement of the users.

On Plans of Taking Over The World & Target Audience!

“We hope to double in size this year, and grow our app to hundreds of thousands of users”, says the team. Further, at the moment the target audience is millenials that wish to harbor healthier habits for a better quality of life.

The Monetizing Model!

Presently, the team of Habit Monster is heavily focused on user acquisition and retention. They will eventually offer a premium version of the app with expert advice and extra features.

“We’re also pursuing a number of strategic partnerships with Health and Benefits providers to focus on preventative care through our apps”, adds the team.

So folks, what are you waiting for? Download Habit Monster on your smartphone now and play your way to getting healthy and wise.

To know more about the app, do make it a point to visit: www.habitmonster.com

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