‘Hipster CEO’ Embellishes Your Start-up With Eminence!

The start-up zone everywhere is getting monotonous and rigid.  Aspiring entrepreneurs are busy building apps and websites to become a billionaire. The world’s first start-up simulator, Hipster CEO is a tech start-up sim for iOS. It gives them start-up stardom without having to risk squandering their life’s savings

Hipster CEO is a one-man show and Gerard Kelly is the man behind the magnificence. Gerard has been working in start-ups since 6 years making him the master of the ring by now.

The humdinger is a great fan of simulation and strategy games (the likes of Football Manager) and always looked forward to have a start-up simulator, and so it be done!

Learning how to manage development/design/marketing and sales all in a single day was indeed a challenge that Gerard came across.

“I want to give the type of people who watch Dragon’s Den and/or Shark Tank the chance to see how good a start-up CEO they could make,” exclaimed the founder.



So far, HCEO has 100,000 downloads. Hipster CEO is aiming to sequel to get to 1 million and beyond. With the consistency, it has the potential to be the next Clash of Clans.

The wannabe entrepreneurs from all over the world. The majority of the users are in the USA/Canada. Nevertheless, it’s also gone too far to be #1 in the App Store in Singapore and Estonia.

Reader, avail the special offer of early access to Hipster CEO.

To know more about it, checkout the website: http://www.hipsterceo.com/





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