Ekipa allows you to easily hire remote software teams

The IT industry has been dominated by giants like Accenture, IBM, and Cognizant for decades now.  Governments and private companies alike spend massively on IT projects which still don’t meet expectations, and in this paradigm the situation tends to look bleak.  But there’s hope – an Amsterdam-based global marketplace for software teams is offering a new perspective.  Ekipa allows product managers to find, hire, and manage software teams from all over the world.  This is revolutionary because while there’s no shortage of online platforms to hire individuals, Ekipa is the first one that allows you to hire a complete team.


Ekipa’s strength lies in its combination of an online marketplace with personalized service.  You simply submit a brief description of your requirements, and this is followed up by an intake call with a nearby Ekipa expert.  The expert can help you to further develop your project’s scope and requirements, and based on this understanding will submit up to three teams along with their proposal for the project.  This is followed by a Skype call with one or two of the teams, and you make your selection based one which one you think is best for the job.  The Ekipa expert stays involved during the collaboration, offering their support in all communication with your remote team.  Ekipa’s platform allows you securely contract and pay teams, so there’s no need to worry about security compromises.  To learn more about how it works, click here or watch this short video.  And if you’re new to managing remote teams, Ekipa offers several free ebooks on how to manage remote teams.