How can having an Explainer Video help a Startups gain traction?

Explainer Video is a term that is trending quite a lot nowadays in the startup world. In the last few years’ people have used many different means to transfer details about something forward to large number of people. It all started with pamphlets that were in the printed form and had all the details and instructions about something. In the recent years as the technology has changed the world has moved towards the digital media and one of the best things about the digital media are the videos that could be passed to thousands or even millions of people with just one single click.

People all over the world come up with different ideas and concepts every single day and they use these ideas to create different products. These products have many different specifications and qualities which are unknown to the world unless or until someone explains these qualities in a good manner. There are three basic ways of telling about the properties of a product to the world. Number one is with written text and images which is quite boring nowadays because reading has become something for which people don’t have a lot of time. The second is with an audio log which is a bit creepy and people never prefer it. The third one is to do this all in an interactive and interesting way with the help of an explainer video.

Making an explainer video about anything is not an easy task and one has to keep almost all aspects about their subject in mind. The common mistake that most of the people are making nowadays is that they are making explainer videos that are too long. People in today’s world don’t have a lot of time and they seek to save as much time as possible. So while making an explainer video one should keep the duration as short as possible and in this duration every aspect regarding the subject of the video should be made clear. The video should not be a fast paced because in that case the viewer will be unable to keep track of things that are being shown in the video.


This video needs to be a completely positive video which explains all the aspects quite clearly. Making an explainer video is not a complex task but still one has to keep a lot of things in mind while making an explainer video.

The video should concentrate on the subject at all times without any interference. Making a video with an audio is really compulsory. This audio could either be a music or one’s own voice because the sound really keeps the people interested in watching the video. Most of the people don’t wish to put their voice in the video so they just use written statements in the video to make their point clear using simple words. Once the video is made it needs to be put online on a website in such a way that maximum number of people are able to watch it and get attracted towards the thing that is being shown in the video.

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