How do you choose and who should you trade it in?

We have compiled some information for you who intend to buy a rollup and feel confused when probing the market.
Prices go from very low to now not so high but it varies dramatically between providers and products, so it is not easy to choose, especially because all look the same on the image and all offer the best quality at the lowest price on the rollups.

We bones out concepts so you can more easily choose the right product and the right supplier!

There are some important factors that we are highlighting here:

Quality Print
Quality cassette
Delivery Time
Fire classification
Complaints Handling

All the above are highly variable between products and suppliers.
The only common thing to say is that most vendors, not all but most offer good quality of the Printet, which does not mean that it is a good media they have printed on but the technology today is so good that most people today have equipment that prints with both good color control and high resolution.

Quality of Printet:
As we write the above so are most good at the actual pressure but the material differs widely ate.
Pressing in high resolution in a bad material’m no points and besides environment that we write about below is the most important when it comes to material that stays straight without bending at the edges, sooner laminated to the images and as it was various inventory was embedded in the material would bend, today prints directly on the material without laminate.
A good material stays dead straight, is not flatly this gives reflections on as eg fairs and it is durable.
Some press fabric that gives great feel but is extremely sensitive at the edges when you drag the image up and down the cassette whereby we do not recommend this to the general user.
The surface of the material should be semi matte but there are also materials that RollTex that have a structure that gives a very nice feeling, a bit like a Canvas and this enhances the feeling of the message dramatically.
There are also materials that are BlockOut, ie they will not let through the light which can be good if it is very backlight when you do not see the stick or other shadows through the canvas, this is a bit overrated as a cloth as eg RollTex not completely sealed in 99% of cases is the prettier.
Ask your provider if a print sample A4 if you want to see the material and quality of print before you order.

Quality of the cartridge:
The fabric with prints is what the viewer sees this being so clear is primarily but if you mount it in a cartridge that fails’s this quality is not much to have.
We advocate that “Quality is delivering what the customer expects”, having said that, all the different qualities of cassettes to be just quality depending on the application.
One can roughly calculate the cartridges in three different categories, and all are good depending on how they are used, how much and how often.

1 Swedish Premium Quality:
Products from: Spennare, Expolinc, Expand is in the category of Swedish premium quality, that you will not find better, these products are to be used, they are sturdy and many have a lifetime warranty.
The springs are durable, they come in a good padded case with a good strong cardboard box and you can handle them without breaking them, the complaint rate on these is very low and the customers who shop these tend to continue with it.
The products are well suited for those who want a rollup going around and used in different places and withstand tough conditions for a long period.

2 China Premium quality:
These products are clean copies of the Swedish and can sometimes be very close to the “original” but they do not live often up to the same level of quality and durability and are usually only moderately cheaper than the rollups which comes from Swedish suppliers.
This is the quality that really fills a minor feature and we advocate that if you are considering these should watch premium instead.
These cartridges usually looks like copies of the Swedish versions, but has inferior mechanical, thinner materials and usually they come with lower bag and box.

3 Budget – Eco – Economy …
These really inexpensive systems are available in a plethora of variants in which the suppliers are fighting to be the cheapest while all the best, all have been guaranteed and both the one and the other.
There are some important things to know about these systems and what differences there are in these rollups because they often picture look identical and often come from the same factories in China.
Just because they look similar, they may be completely different, in the hunt for the lowest price you have to compromise, and some go far in this compromise, you can pull down the estate’s thickness to a minimum, take a simple spring and a simple top bar and insert the simplest board but you can also make one that looks exactly the same, but that is a little better.
In this segment, it is law of the jungle, and although there are different grades even in this budget segment, it is clean overall a very inferior product than the two above categories.
With that said, you can of course also be the highest quality for the right users …. For those who need a rollup at a fair or a roll-up that will stand in the same place in the entrance or in an office that’s the product with its low price, top quality, everything depends on the application.
However, we see many first time buy this product because it is so very cheap and then using it actively, sending it around and let different vendors use the product and they will not be satisfied and often choose a higher quality of Rollup next time.
We see a large satisfied customer group here and it is the industry chain to manufacture the large volume that is then sent out to retailers, the price is then of great importance and Roll Up is often a place for a limited time before being disposed of, here is this cheap Rollup top quality or as we say quality is to deliver what the customer expects.

In conclusion, we can say that the cartridge is just as important as the actual pressure.

Few things are of course more interesting than the price!
Someone says too expensive while someone else says too much money and some say cheap.
Price must always be relevant to the product and this compares apples and pears, more than ever, this is largely because these products on the photo look identical, and then the minimum price to be the best because you get the same product.
We hope this text will give you some information about what to consider when buying rollups.
Should you have many units to its dealers is of course the price primarily but should you buy one or two to his company might price will not be in first place without any other factors.
The price varies dramatically between China and the Swedish premium and so it will be when it is full of different products.
Unfortunately pushing many vendors down the price of a compromise at the last important quality aspect of focus, ie, Pressing the absolute cheapest cloth at high speed with inferior print quality results.
Today, there are cheap and even cheaper and the fact is that even cheaper can be better than the only cheaper, everything depends on your provider’s knowledge and contacts in purchasing and experience, we always recommend to buy from someone who knows their stuff, they often offer that extra inside the cartridge that is not visible on the image.
In our case, as a supplier that manufactured rollups since 1997 and offering very low prices so our focus is to provide quality and to pass it, we keep low costs on everything we do, this can only be your own gut instinct guide you on choosing a supplier and since all offer the highest quality with price guarantee, it is not easy to choose.
We choose not to have the lowest price guaranteed ,, we know that we have the lowest price in relation to our quality.

Delivery Time:

Here, it differs dramatically ate and everyone has different needs.
Difference in fast and less fast delivery is almost entirely due to those who have more than 8 days by default does not produce its products in Sweden, but imports cassette with pressure from some eastern country, this is not said that this is the worse although we often see varying quality but it takes time …. If something goes wrong, it is also difficult to do anything about it without going more time ….
When choosing a supplier it is of course delivery is an important factor, and because we see that many customers often have an urgent need, we have the E Rollup chosen to have 24 hour delivery as standard without any additional supplement (time of shipping, often day)
Our advice is always to look at delivery time if this is of importance, not forgetting that shipping companies are not always completely reliable.

Fire classification

Something that few think of the fire rating of print and canvas.
At trade fairs, it is forbidden to use materials that are not fire rated and we recommend that you make sure that your products you buy have a fire class B1

Something that more and more interested in the environment and we think that is extra fun when we, as one of the few press with completely environmentally friendly ink of latex, no harmful substances, no VOC emissions and no solvents.
Environment should always be taken into account and the suppliers that still press with solvents will you actively opt out of our view, we must all work with and not against the environment at all stages. Always ask your supplier for a specification of the print and whether it contains solvents and if there are harmful substances in the print media, PVC is commonly used in most materials and a subject to be avoided, less PVC = better.


Today there is an abundance of payment methods, which we consider important is that the alternative is to get the invoice, this way you get the product and can inspect it before you pay.
We do not think many are deceived today even if you pay by card or direct transfer, but will receive an invoice of 30 days is something we recommend to ensure maximum security.

Complaints Handling

Sometimes it goes wrong, it is so for all in some degree, those who say otherwise are lying.
The ambition of your supplier should be that the customer is always right and that the supplier rectifies mistakes in a way that benefits the customer.
We believe that a generous complaint handling should contain few questions and evidence from the customer and claims to have the highest priority.

So what to choose and how?

Choose a product that suits the purpose and out of a vendor you know you can trust.

We are here and answer questions 24/7 at 020- 20:30 30 or [email protected]