How to become the next best date doctor (Casestudy – Online dating software- FlamerPro)

Meeting online friends in person has always been something that not a single soul would recommend and when online dating sites came into practice, the advice to every single man and woman was not to be tempted by them and only to ignore them. And there was always an embarrassment in using dating sites to get dates.

But the recent successes of the online dating sites like OKCupid, Hinge and especially Tinder has made the threat from online dating a myth and more and more singles sign up at these online dating sites every day. People do not mind their friends using websites to get dates or hesitant to register in one of those sites. With thousands of registered users at these sites, online dating websites now raise millions in funding to meet their operational expenses and few sites promote brands and stores in their apps in the form of adverts gaining them extra revenue.

Hinge, the dating app started as a site in 2011 has recently raised $12 million in funding and claims to setup 35,000 dates every week. Hinge works on finding possible dates to the users using their facebook profiles. Users can like or reject people from the matching users’ profiles listed by the app based on their facebook profiles, mutual friends, interests etc.

Tinder started in 2012, comes as mobile applications and is by far the best online dating site in use. Similar to Hinge, Tinder also requests users to register with their facebook profiles but also uses the user’s location and displays results or matching profiles in close proximity to the user’s location. This has given users the option to know and get in touch with people they might know already and eliminates the need for any security related worries. Tinder has been most favored by users ever since its inception and the app has nearly 50 million monthly users and claims to have made about 6 billion matches since its inception. InterActive Corp. (IAC) has recently bought a 10% stake in the company for $500 million dollars and the company is said to be in talks for a hefty funding from Benchmark.

The amount of funding online dating sites and apps raise and the interest people have shown in them has made creating dating software and owning a dating website secure a better spot at every entrepreneur’s check list. The idea of running a business from home sure sounds alluring but is not as simple as said. And running the business online sure needs a lot of pre work before the business goes online and having the perfect software to run a user friendly website is the first hill to climb.


Having a readily available software script to run any online business can solve every entrepreneur’s purpose and the mobile applications and web building company Provenlogic, with its team of experienced professionals has favored entrepreneurs giving exactly that. Purchasing the script, entrepreneurs can now focus on other aspects of their business. The company has readily available cloned turnkey softwares for almost every successful online business like facebook, Buzzfeed, Reddit and much more. The company also customizes the softwares to give the buyers personalized softwares of their own.

Flamer Pro:

FlamerPro is the clone script for the online dating app Tinder from Provenlogic and customizing the turnkey software, buyers looking at having an online dating app of their own can really have one. The company also provides the buyers a tutorial with the script using which students and enthusiasts can learn to code.

How does it work?

An entrepreneur hoping to start an online dating business can purchase the Android or iOS based script as well as the web based script from the company and have it installed in his server. Promoting the app, he can then upload the app to the Google store or the App store enabling interested users download the app in their devices.

A user looking for a date can register at the app using his facebook login. FlamerPro is location based dating software and the app or site displays possible dates in close proximity to the user’s location. The app analyses the facebook profiles of users and with regard to their mutual friends and interests displays matching user profiles to the user. At the profiles displayed in his device, the user can choose to like or dislike the profile. The user can like or dislike unlimited number of user profiles.

The secure feature the app provides enables users to chat with the profiles they matched only when the selected users select them in return. In simple, the site allows a user to chat only when the interest is mutual. After a match has been made, the users can either choose to chat or message the match or look for other matching profiles. At their profile settings, users can set their name, upload pictures or choose to delete their profile.

For the buyer or entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur with the idea to start a location based dating site like Tinder can purchase the location based dating software from Provenlogic. Customizing and installing the dating software in his server, the buyer can have his very own online dating website. Marketing the site he/she can bring a lot of revenue to their business either by charging the users for registering at the site or by providing ad spaces. The buyer is the admin panel and has full access and control over the site. He/she can choose to delete any user anytime.

With the site online all the buyer has to do is monitor the site from home.

For the user:

The user interested in enrolling at the site can register at the location based dating site using his facebook account. Registering at the site and mentioning their preferences like age, date’s location, gender etc. the site now displays potential dates for the user matching their mentioned preferences. Since the user has registered with his social media profile the site displays dates taking into account the user’s interests, likes, dislikes and mutual friends.

With a whole list of possible dates the user can now select interested profiles or dislike them by clicking the respective buttons. The user can also view the displayed match’s profile and additional photos before liking or disliking him/her.

The site also allows the user to get back to the list to like a person who they have disliked previously or dislike the one who they have liked. Once the user likes a person, the latter is notified and the site allows the user to chat with the match only when there is a mutual interest.

Communicating with the match, the users can then exchange numbers and get from chatting through the site to texting.

date doctor

How does this dating software excel other online dating sites?

With several dating sites online already it may not be smart to start yet another online dating website. But the location based dating software from Provenlogic allows users choose dates in close proximity to them and also gives them the added advantage of getting to know the person through their mutual friends before even initiating a conversation with them. And with a well known mutual friend list the site eliminates the risks normal online dating sites pose.

Other Outstanding Features:

Facebook integration:

With the social media integration the dating software is built with, users can sign in or register at the site with their facebook profiles and the site pulls information from the user’s profiles and updates them in their dating site profile. Any change made to the facebook profile will also be updated in the user’s dating profiles.

Instant messaging:

The site gives the users smooth and ultra fast messaging experience and the messages can also be deleted anytime. The users can also exchange pictures through the chat features.

 Change preferences:

The user can change or edit his match preferences like age, location radius etc at anytime and the site displays possible matches in regard to changes made by the user.

Unlimited likes or dislikes:

Unlike other Hinge; another famous online dating site, the dating software script from Provenlogic allows users like or dislike profiles all night and day.

Match notification:

Whenever another registered user likes or shows interest a profile; the site sends an instant match notification message to the latter.

Script customizations:

The buyer can customize the script to benefit users of a particular location only or have it running only for a certain community.

As mobile applications:

The online dating site FlamerPro now also comes as mobile applications for Android and iOS users.

The dating software comes as Android and iOS applications for a cheap $199 each and for an additional $149 the buyer gets experts to install the script in their servers and have it online.


With the location based dating software, buyers can easily start an online dating site of their own and with the tutorials coming with the purchase, they can learn to code as well. With enormous revenue gaining opportunities and funding, they can soon satisfy the hunger to become a millionaire.

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