The platform for New York’s fashionistas – Envicase is Instagram meets Amazon reviews

There is a new app growing in popularity amongst New York’s celebrities and fashionistas to introduce their fashion items – Envicase is a social network service for showing off your latest fashion acquisitions.  Still in beta and only three months old, Envicase is already becoming a must-have app among New Yorkers – who account for some 90% of its user base.  The team is preparing for an official launch soon, which should hopefully attract more global interest, as this sort of service is still in its infancy with only a few leading fashionistas enjoying it so far.  But once it launches, it should generate interest without much difficulty – after all, when it was introduced at New York Fashion Week earlier this year, Envicase garnered a great deal of public attention.

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New York is a city that revolves around fashion, and many fashionistas and celebrities have shared their updates through various blogging services as well as photo-based social networking services such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and We Heart It.  With the exception of commercial bloggers, this is mostly done with the intention of personal branding – but a picture of some haute-couture item is often regarded as pure ostentation, and can be seen as a form of snobbishness.  This paradigm makes people somewhat hesitant about the online activities of celebrities and socialites, and too much commercial content combined with random postings copied from elsewhere is more nauseating than interesting for any visitors.  And this severely denigrates the value of any of the original content, with the target audience being perturbed by all of this unnecessary visual and textual clutter.

There are already quite a few positive responses to Envicase, true to the adage that “necessity is the mother of invention.”  Even though the app is still in its early stages, the response rate for each post exceeds 3% on average – which may seem like it’s not much, but this is more than triple the rate for social media in general.  As Envicase puts it, “Satisfying consumer’s purchasing needs is what Amazon or Chanel does. What Envicase does is just to satisfy people’s pure desire to attract other’s attention, as a personal branding service. That’s why Envicase exists and it’s also our identity.”  People today consider design even when buying daily necessities, so such a service has great potential.

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Envicase’s idea stemmed from curiousity – why is there no space to simply show off and enjoy attention, outside those limited existing networks with family and friends? To paraphrase renowned anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Dr. Robin Dunbar – It’s a human instinct to show off, and this gives birth to social network services and makes them grow. Most people have the desire to show off and hope that their consumer behavior is acknowledged by others.

Envicase has recently raised $700,000 from angel investors, and is currently preparing for official service and further boosting.

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