Intelligent Gadgets enhance my quality of life and improve convenience I recently bought

Many simple things make people feel happiness. Using use-friendly products can enhance our sense of happiness. The researches of electronic products upgrade so fast and never stop. Intelligent electronic devices heavily change people’s life style and make more things efficient.

Here are items I have recently found great help for my life and business:

LuguLake Qi-Enabled Wireless External Battery Charger


Are you still hesitating to try wireless charger? Even the Samsung Galaxy S6 also has already launched wireless charging function recently which is hot and popular. The LuguLake wireless charger with power bank may put away your worries.


Wireless inductive charger with built-in 4200mah battery, you can take it for easy charging when you are on the way. It doesn’t like other plastic material texture ones on the market.  It made with Tempered glass surface, aluminum material. No worries that the hot battery may burn out. No worry the low battery, now you can enjoy yourself hang out.

If your phone is not Qi-compliant, You can easily use a QI-compatible cover, which is available for most mobile phone models. Just put down your phone to charge, pick it up to make your call, how wonderful it is without any strings!

Epson 8350 Projector

There is a lonely soul lives in everybody’s heart. We read, travel, watch movies by ourselves. Only by a protector, everybody can own a private cinema. During the silent nights, we may sitting on the couch watch an excellent movie, the light come through the filter to project a great flame. The Epson 8359 projector was highly estimated on By the way, mini laser projector is another good choice if you are in need of outdoor carrying.

LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker

I have to say that it’s marvelous to carry music around with me.


The LuguLake stand generation II speaker has aesthetic feeling with elegant design and stand dock, Built-in 4000mAh Li-ion battery, high fidelity sound without any distortion at all. Listen to the music while charging when you are at home. Put pad rest on it you can enjoy watching movies with comfortable point of view.  Even have a video chat easily. The most attractive feature for housewives is that it can be placed in the kitchen to learn recipes on the Internet. It would be gorgeous and fashionable wherever you put it.

Although the UFO has small body but it’s full of energy. Various devices can be connected to the speaker via bluetooth. Easy to hold in hands and put in bag for a mini size. Bring Entertainment experience either you are climbing or travelling.


Wacom Tablet TouchPen

Even the great Jobs regard our fingers as 10 touchpens. We really need a pen when we draw or write seriously. To be sure that my iPad turned out to be a real productivity tool after I got a wacom touchpen, it helps me to take notes and organizes my thoughts.

Irobot 780 Roomba

I searched for a long time on the Internet to read reviews and finally bought this roomba because of my dirty home. It’s so clean and I can’t believe that is my home after I set it up and left home for two days. That’s amazing it can climb, clean carpet and avoid wire twisted. It’s quite easy to use for a lazy person with full-automatic system. Just buy it! Present your parents with it.


Okbuynow Wireless air mouse

This Wireless air mouse with Axis Gyro-sensor can fully realize the functionality of traditional remote control and mouse. By waving the remote control through the illusion of the plane, the cursor on the screen moves, you can draw straight line / oblique line / circle and click the button. Air mouse will be very convenient to use when you are lecturing or using the pc in the living room.

Apple Watch Wearable Devices

The greatest advantage of wearable devices is mobility. Consumer can carry high-tech everywhere. Wearable devices are more convenient and fast than telephones and coming to people’s lives. There are several new hi-tech wearable devices products being put out in recently months. The first one is google glasses, after that Moto and Samsung put out smart watch, and now the most popular is apple watch. Consumers can record the daily data of exercise, sleep, and diet. To synchronize the data with telephone, pad and PC, it may help us guide a healthy life through the data.