Organize Your Evernote Notes With Kanbanote!

Evernote is a crazy software for managing notes and tasks. However, as an Evernote user, I do often get baffled by the sheer dump of information I have amassed in my account over a course of time.

Well, thanks to this new website in town called Kanbanote, users no longer have to scramble through their Evernote account for notes and tasks. This website is amazing as it provides the users with a bird’s eye view of all the notes saved in the app.

Organize Your Evernote Notes With Kanbanote!

Meet The Man Behind It All!

Kanbanote was ideated and conceptualized by Sandoche Adittane.

He is an entrepreneur and an industrial engineer. All of 24 years old, he is passionate about innovation, creation and technology. In the past, Sandoche has created numerous websites for people and for his needs.

Know Kanbanote Better!

It is a website to turn ‘Evernote to Trello’. This application makes a kanban view of your notes by creating lists filtered by notebook and tags. These notes can be then managed as tasks. Kanbanote is optimized for ‘Getting Things Done’ with the ‘The Secret Weapon’ method.

Through this website, Sandoche is solving the problem of not having any visualization of tasks in Evernote. Further, what makes this solution beautiful is that you don’t need to touch your Evernote to get your kanban view.

The Inspiration!

“I am using “The Secret Weapon” method since 2 years, and was used to making the kanban view in a paper with a pencil. I was bored by doing this every week so I decided to take 8 hours to make this website alone. After that I got some feedback and added some new features like Drag & Drop and list edition”, says Sandoche.

Organize Your Evernote Notes With Kanbanote!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors!

The main challenge was to make the simplest working website as quickly as possible. Also, as many folks are becoming aware of Kanbanote, Sandoche is on a quest to make it work better, improve the UX and add some needed features. In terms of competitors, Trello poses as the website’s main competitor. This is because, it is a lot better for group project management.

On Expansion Plans & Intended Users!

“I plan to add some new needed features to make Kanbanote less dependent on Evernote, improve UX and then make a native android app faster than the actual one”, says Sandoche.

At the moment, the website is mainly targeted at people focused on productivity and using Evernote.

Monetizing Scheme!

Currently, Sandoche hasn’t decided on any monetizing plan as he wants to first improve the product to fit well with the needs of his users. However, for now he is only earning money through ads. He may make an ad free paid version in the future.

To know more about the Kanbanote, do visit:

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